Trist├ín ( chip 3973 ) podenco, male, age 2+ ( born 2/2019 ) 4 months at Scooby/Medina ( since feb/2021­čĺť) available


Tristán, adorable little sweetie

Tristán is a 2+ year young Podenco, boy ( born 15/Feb/2019 ) He arrived at Scooby/Medina on 1/Feb/2021
He is one of the 48 dogs that arrived from the south of Spain on Feb/01/2121. All of them have stories of rejection and abuse that unfortunately will mark them the rest of their lives. Tristán is a is very affectionate, sweet and loving boy; just a very good, wonderful, pretty little sweetie
Very sociable, gets along well with other dogs
This little sweetie is very much in need of a loving Home

Chip: 981098108373973
Breed: Podenco
Age: 15/02/2019 ( 15/Feb/2019 )
Color: white with light-brown
With female dogs: gets along well with other dogs
With male dogs: gets along well with other dogs
With cats:__ ( on request )
With children:__
Socialized: very sociable
Traumatized: __
Arrival Date: 01/02/2021 ( 1/Feb/2021 )
Location: Scooby/Medina Patio-4.A

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