At Scooby,  we collect many dogs that have lived an extremely difficult/hard life. They are not the typical happy, sociable and affectionate dogs that all seem to want…
They have mild to severe traumas , none of their own fault, but as a result of the unworthy circumstances they where forced to live under and mostly could not escape from.
Horrified circumstances like …housed in dark wet moldy small cold sheds , mistreatment, abuse, beating up, punnished, suffering from wounds, broken legs, parasites, pain, fear, malnutrition, starvation, thurst,  abandonment, laying tied to chains as watchdogs in the burning sun, without fresh water for years, etc…
These very unfortunate Angels arrived with a “backpack” and we are trying to give them everything whithin our power, but in these cases that is not enough, there is not the time for much personal attention therefore these poor Angels should  not be living in a busy shelter, but in a loving HOME.

The most important gift you can give them is a warm home, patience, understanding, trust and lots and lots of love;  many times it is not so complicated, it only takes the right circumstances to help that one dog, and the life of that one dog will totally change …they just need a chance…

We should have understanding and not have any prejudice about their : age, color, appearance, attitude, “imperfections”, PPP, health, or breed; we should only be aware of these unique and wonderful individuals with real feelings that would fill our homes, our hearts and our lifes with love, happiness and unconditional loyalty, love and forever gratitude
All these poor souls have the right to a forever Home with a loving family who will cherish and pamper them ; a home where they could spend the rest of their lives in peace

Please, give these Angels a chance… they  have been denied love and respect since birth; mostly exploited and abused in the world of hunting, racing, breeding, or as a watch-dog,  living under the most disgraceful, humiliating, degrading circumstances.
They need you so very much… please give them that only chance on happiness in their whole life they are so desperately in need of…

A lot of these unfortunate, poor Scooby-Angels are included in a “Sponsor-program ” and are called : “Sponsor-Dogs


Sponsor-dog🍀    “De Villamayor ( CHIP 5577) ,  a very poor Angel arrived very traumatized  from Villamayor ( a horrible case of animal abuse/ mistreat )




In 2020  there are a lot of very needy Scooby-Dogs, with very little chance on adoption;  sadly waiting,  a very long time , languishing away from being (alone)in their kennel every day, for years, hoping for a loving, forever Home too…
These dogs in the category (“Sponsor-Dogs  🍀” ) on this website (“www.scoobysforgottengalgos.org”) are all included in the Sponsor-Program.

For these dogs the Scooby-Adoption-Fee ( € 150,-) will be paid  by the Sponsor-Program

If you want to adopt a  sponsor-dog🍀 , or any other  needy Scooby-dog with the help of the Sponsor-program,  please  send a request to Brigitte:
📧 holthuizen2@kpnplanet.nl (English/Spanish/German/Dutch)


In the video below some of the dogs who are included in the Sponsor-Program

Perros del programa Sponsor

Parece que hay pocos que quieran complicarse la vida, o tal vez es que hay muchos que necesitan cuidados especiales, lo cierto es que recogemos muchos perros que tienen dificultades, no son los típicos alegres, sociables y cariñosos que todos parecen querer, tienen traumas por las circunstancias de sus vidas, han vivido maltrato, desnutrición, abandono, vidas en la calle, vidas atadas a una cadena… el caso es que muchos peludos han llegado a nosotros con esta mochila y les damos todo lo que somos capaces de dar, pero algunos necesitan otro ambiente diferente al de una protectora, más tranquilo con una atención más personal.En muchos casos solo hace falta darles mucho cariño, paciencia y espacio para que sean ellos los que vayan saliendo adelante, muchas veces no es tan complicado, solo hace falta tener las circunstancias adecuadas para ayudar a uno, y la vida de ese uno cambiará totalmente, y es un bonito proceso verles resurgir poco a poco🌱 ¿Te animas a cambiar la vida de uno de ellos? Pues para ponerlo un poco más fácil tenemos la suerte de contar con un programa de patrocinio para algunos de ellos, estos son los perretes en ese programa, son algunos de los que más difícil lo tienen para encontrar un hogar por diversas razones, los reconocerás por un 🍀Aquí puedes ver a todos: Sponsor-dogs ( priority-dogs )

Posted by Protectora y Santuario Scooby on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Video May/23/2020