Pumba, Mix-breed, male, age 12+ (Born 7/2008)2 years+2 months at Scooby (since July/2018) (SOS/urgent ! / priority to leave the shelter) available

(Update Sept/10/2020 )    PUMBA :  age 12+   ( 2 years + 2 months waiting in the shelter )
Winter will come soon , in a few weeks the rain and cold will arrive… Winter in a shelter is hard for everyone, but for them, for the oldies, it is much worse.
Pumba is still a bit¬† insecure boy with strange people, but once he trusts them he loves being cuddled. Let’s not have Pumba spend another winter in the shelter, he so very deserves to know what it is to have a family and a loving home.
Our oldies need us more than ever now, they would be so happy if they could sleep in a warm, comfortable home… Will we be able to find a home for them? Will you help PUMBA? He urgently needs a Home, before the cold/wet winter starts…please ( sponsor-dogūüćÄ )

Video August 2019 : MIDAS  and AILEEN ( PUMBATONKA )

Video May/2019 :  AILEEN and PUMBA  ( MIDAS РTONKA )

Video April 2019 : TONKA -and AILEEN  ( PUMBA MIDAS )

Photo Aug/3/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” sweet, loving¬† PUMBA¬† ”

Photo July/24/2019: update from Ana Merino:¬† “¬†Scooby – rescue /July/2018” :¬† ¬†July/2018 ,¬† the first group of dogs¬† (recued from a lord with Noa’s syndrome¬† in¬† Villamayor / Salamanca) arrived at Scooby. They all lived with a man who owned more than 40 dogs and did not look properly after them.¬† But little miracles happen and we are lucky to witness them…¬† PUMBAAILEENTONKA– and MIDAS¬† are ready for adoption now

Photo July/17/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” AILEENMIDASPUMBA (“No, please! We hate pipettes!” we don¬īt like pipettes but…ticks are here! )

Photo May/19/2019 : ” Sweet, adorable PUMBA, almost 11 years old, loves to be cuddled ”

Photo May/30/2019¬† ¬† ” AILEENPUMBAMIDASTONKA

Photo April/28/2019 PUMBA, almost 11 years old…

Photo may/23/2019 PUMBA ( in the back) and AILEEN ( in the front)

Photo April/10/2019 : PUMBA


Video February / 2019

Photo feb/24/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” look at Pumba smile ūüėÉ! ”

Photo Jan/20/2019 “PUMBA, 10.5 years old , please take me Home …

Photo Jan/1/2019 update from Ana merino: ” Old PUMBA is becoming a loving boy ”

Photo Nov/25/2018 “Sweet PUMBA”

Photo march/12/2019 update from Ana merino : ” a wonderful group : AILEEN- PUMBA- TONKA-MIDAS ”

Photo Sept/27/2018 “What a difference since PUMBA came to Scooby; so much happier now ”

Photo Aug/19/2018¬† ¬† “very much in need of a Home, Pumba has been neglected his whole life !









They were all rescued from a Noah syndrome in 2018 and are still waiting here in Paddock 8-D …

Photo Nov/4/2018 AILEENTONKA and PUMBA ( on the right) see how wonderful he looks  now !

When PUMBA arrived at Scooby ( June/26/2018 ) he was in a very bad shape , very malnourished, very neglegted and very mistreated  , such a poor Angel

When PUMBA arrived at Scooby ( June/26/2018 ) he was in a very bad shape , very malnourished, very neglegted and very mistreated  , such a poor Angel

PUMBA is a 12+ year old Mix-breed, boy (Born July/6/2018) He came to Scooby on June/26/2018 ; from Villamayor ( Salamanca )
He was rescued by Scooby together with a lot of other dogs , from a Lord with Noah’s syndrome¬† ( also together with AileenTonka(adopted) and Midas ) they where always together before and now in Scooby they live together in Paddock 8-D and are very best friends
Pumba was a very unfortunate boy; he came in a very bad state: very malnourished, his coat in a very bad state, very poorly cared for, very neglected, probably his whole life …
Now, he look s so much better and has become so much happier
Shelter-life is not the best place for a senior his age ; Pumba is in urgent need of a loving, warm, comfortable Home at his old age, before the wet/cold weather starts.


Update July/24/2019 from Ana Merino : ” PUMBA when he arrived (on July/26/2018) he was¬†a very scared, very mistreated boy.¬† PUMBA ¬†1 year later (on July/23/2019) look at him now , he has¬† become an¬† very affectionate, very loving ,¬† very handsome¬† boy

Update July/6/2019 :¬† ” HAPPY¬† BIRTHDAY ūüéȬ† Today¬† is Pumba’s 11 th birthday and we would like to be able to make him the best of gifts, a home !
Pumba lived with more than forty dogs in very precarious conditions (his owner had syndromes from Diogenes and Noe) . Possibly, until his arrival in Scooby he has not known what a caress is and that is why he is still a bit insecure with humans, but he is a dog that loves receiving cudles and attention from the people he knows and in the who trusts .
Pumba is a little bit grumpy with other males, although he is living with them without problems, since all them knows that he is the boss and they respect him.
Pumba deserves to know what a real home is, he has never had it , and maybe someone can and wants to give it to him.
That’s why we ask you to help us share his story, so that our beloved and adorable PUMBA’S birthday wishes will come true…

Update May/5/2019 Pumba is 11 years old and he needs a home. He arrived to Scooby in terrible health conditions, malnourished and with skin problems. His past life was not easy and he is still a bit insecure with people, but he is an adorable dog that loves to be pampered (he probably never received it before). We do not want Pumba to die without knowing what is the warmth of a home and the love of a family.

Update Feb/4/2019 From Ana Merino: ” PUMBA, the bit grumpy old boy, the “Old” boss in paddock 8, the funny oldie. He is 10.5 years old but he looks a bit younger. He wants to play even if he is not very sure how to do it (probably nobody played with him before). Always alert and curious; he likes knowing everything what happens around him. Still a bit insecure with people;he looks at you from a distance,smells you and once he recognizes you his tail starts waggling and he comes to receive some attention and love. He is a flirty boy and he is always surrounded by his girlfriends who adore him.The other males respect him. PUMBA never had a real home; maybe someone wants to give him one

Chip: 941000023082146
Breed : mix
Male / castrated
Age : July/6/2018
Color: White
Socialized : **
Traumatized : *
With female dogs***
With male dogs***”
With cats : not tested yet (on request)
Arrival : July/26/2018
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 8-D

More Info and adoption¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ūüďß : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org
M√°s informaci√≥n y para adoptar ūüďß : adopciones@scoobymedina.org