Otto (chip 3969) pittbul, male, age 2- year ( born 2/2019) 21 months at scooby ( since April/2019💙) ( sos/ very urgent need) available

Photo Jan/2021 : Dearest Otto needs a family…

Photo Jan/2021: Adorable sweetie, Otto in the office
Video Jan/5/2021 : dear Otto is happy with the gift that the volunteers gave him todayday afternoon: go out to play with the ice !! 😅 can you be more adorable and funny? Otto should already find a definitive family, he does not deserve the bad luck he has had until now, we have to find his place so that this little one can be completely happy once and for all
Video Dec/9/2020 : Elena ( volunteer) playing with Otto and America
Video Dec/2/2020 : Otto, another poor little boy who is chased by bad luck, I wonder why no one will love him if he is a puppy treasure, first abandoned as a puppy, adopted and returned to the shelter without a clear and convincing reason… He only wants to be loved and played with. He is a cheerful and sociable young boy, he knows how to walk on a leash and everything that involves living in a Home. If you want to give him a home, you will make him the happiest being on earth, please send us an email:

Update Oct/13/2020 : Today we have sad news, very sad and heartbreaking, yesterday they returned Otto, our little one who cost so much to get out …, it seems that he suffers separation anxiety, after the months of confinement he has not known how to manage being alone while his former owners They went out to work and that has caused problems with the neighbors …, we are not going to judge anyone but Otto’s bewildered face breaks our hearts and knowing how we know that he is a very sensitive puppy sinks us when we think what he is going to suffer It would take an exit for him as soon as possible, but if he already had it difficult before now with this problem to solve even more We need everyone’s help to be able to help Otto, please share, if anyone wants information about writing to : More Info and adoption  📧 :
Más información y para adoptar 📧 :


Photo Oct/12/2020 : Poor Otto, back in the shelter…

Photo Oct/12/2020 : Poor Otto, back in the Shelter…

Photo Feb/17/2020 :  OTTO, our  “Scooby-Pet”  would love to go Home…

Una pareja adorable/ An adorable couple

Otto y DozerAunque son las mascotas oficiales de Scooby, aunque son adorables y nos encanta que anden por ahí a su aire, también deberían encontrar un hogar definitivo algún día, incluso aunque son ppp deberían encontrarlo ✅—————————————-//—————————Otto & DozerEven though they are the official scooby pets, even though they are adorables and we love to meet them anywhere at the shelter, they should also find a family, even though they are ppp they still should find it ✅

Geplaatst door Protectora y Santuario Scooby op Zondag 1 maart 2020

Video March/1/2020 : Otto  and ( Dozer  ) Even though they are the official scooby pets, even though they are adorables and we love to meet them anywhere at the shelter, they should also find a family, even though they are ppp they still should find it

Photo Feb/5/2020 : OTTO

Photo feb/1/2020 : OTTO

Photo Jan/24/2020  : OTTO

Photo Jan/23/2020 : OTTO

Photo Jan/27/2020 :  BOMÓN( black /adopted)  and sweet OTTO love the cuddles and love to give kisses

Photo  Jan/17/2020 : BOMBÓN ( Black/ adopted ) – DOZER ( brindle/ adopted ) – OTTO ( white/ still available)

Photo Jan/6/2020 : BOMBÓN( adopted) and DOZER( adopted) ( in their basket)  OTTO in the back  (They sleep in the Scooby office now)

Photo Jan/4/2020 : OTTO ( on the left)  –  Dozer (in the middle/adopted) and  Bombón (on the right /adopted )
Update : These 3 lucky dogs live free everywhere in Scooby now, because they are wonderful and we trust them.  The sooner they get adopted , the sooner another one will take her place as the new Scooby-pet !

Photo Aug/11/2019 : “Puppy love” between OTTO and KALINA (adopted )

Photo July/21/2019 : OTTO, so very sweet…





OTTO is an almost 2 year young Pittbul, boy ( born 2/2019 ) he arrived at Scooby on April/12/2019 ; from Ayto ( Salamanca )
Lovely, super sweetie, loves cuddles and pampering
Very social with the other dogs ( his best friends Dozer and
OTTO is in urgent need of a forever loving Home

Update Oct/12/2020 : Otto is a very emotional boy, dependents on your pampering,  needs love, exercise and patience, after suffering two abandonments ( was brought back to the shelter…because of personal isues of the adopters )

Chip: AS0419941000023883969
Breed: Pitbull
Age: 2/2019
Color: White and brown
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Apr /12 / 2019
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock-11

More Info and adoption         📧 :
Más información y contacto 📧 :