Macaria ( chip 9535 ) Galgo, male, age 2+ ( born 2019 ) 2 months at Scooby / Palencia ( since March/2021💜)( in need) available


Macaria, scared of what might happen to him


Macaria is a 2+ year young Galgo, boy ( born 2019 ) He arrived at Scooby/Palencia on 7/March/2021
From the look of him he was not very well taken care of and not very well  treated ,  probably lived in a very dirty place…poor aAngel
The poor boy feels unhappy and overwhelmed in the busy shelter and scared of what might happen to him …
This sweetheart is very much in need of a calm, loving Home, where he can feel safe, loved  and gain some confidence

Chip: 941000025179535
Breed: Galgo
Age: 2019
Color: black
With female dogs:__
With male dogs: __
With cats:__ ( on request )
With children: __
Traumatized: __
Arrival Date: 07/03/2021
Location: Scooby /Palencia

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