Julia (chip 4770) podenca, female, age 4 ( born 2017) 1 year+8 months at Scooby/recidencia ( since July /2019💙)( most “forgotten” Podenca)( urgent need) available

JULIA, little sweetie

JULIA and   QUACK ( Galgo /chip 4910/ adopted )

3 Galgo brothers:  QUICK ( white/on the left/ adopted) QUACK (brindle/  in the middle / adopted) and QUECK ( brindle/on the right / adopted)
and JULIA(  in the front ) all her friends are adopted… only JULIA has to stay behind ….

JULIA, agile, curious and very smart, intelligent girl…

JULIA, pretty long-haired girl

JULIA, little sweetie with her beautiful intelligent looking eyes

JULIA, needs a loving Home…all her friends are adopted/reserved, Julia has to stay behind soon…


JULIA is a  4 year old Podenca ( born 2017) She arrived at Scooby/Residencia( Valladolid) on July/06/2019
Most “Forgotten” Podenca
Little Julia was found abandoned and scared ; she was brought to Scooby
She is still a bit shy but that will changes completely when you give her treats, than she will soon be your best friend! JULIA just loves treats and eats them from your hand
She is a really sweet girl ; agile and curious , intelligent and smart. We believe that in a forever loving home, when she is with people the whole day, she will soon recuperate completely into a wonderful family member
A very pretty small size Podenca-girl with her beautiful long haired coat
Very good with all other dogs (males and females) and is not scared of them at all
A lovely girl !
It has been too long for Julia in the shelter now, she is in urgent need of a calm, loving Home
Please do not let Julia spend her 2nd Christmas in the shelter…


Update Jan/17/2021 :  Julia was abandoned , she was found and taken to Scooby in july/2019. She was very scared when she came to Scooby, but over time and with a lot of patience she is already making a good recovery. She loves tasty sweets and for this she comes to you to take them from your hand. She gets along very well with other dogs, both males and females. She is really a very sweet and beautiful girl and we are convinced that in a forever home she will completely overcome her fear of people. In short: a treasure of a dog!

Update April/19/2020 from Scooby/Residencia : Julia is a sweet, small podenca who was found abandoned. She is a bit shy but that changes completely when you give her treats, she will soon be your best friend! She needs a home…please

Chip: 941000024174770
Breed: Podenca
Age: 2017
Color: light-brown / long-hair
Height: small size Podenca
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby / Residencia ( Valladolid)


For more info and adoption  📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org       (residencia@scoobymedina.org )
Más información y contacto 📧 : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org                          (residencia@scoobymedina.org )