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When God had made the earth and sky, the flowers and trees,
He then made all the animals and all the birds and bees.
And when His work was finished not one was quite the same
He said, I`ll walk this earth of mine and give each one a name.
And so He travelled land and sea and everywhere He went,
A little creature follwed Him, until his strength was spent.
When all were named upon the earth and in the sky and sea,
The little creature said, Dear Lord, there`s not one left for me.
The Father smiled and softly said, I`ve left you to the end.
I`ve turned my own name back to front and
called you DOG, my friend.

Author unknown

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July/2020 : Whith the extreme high temperatures in Scooby,  DOGGIE-POOLS are very much needed !
Today is “Día del Perro / Dog Day” and on such a  occasion we want to make a plea in the name of a group of dogs that seem to have been removed from the category “dog” in this society of ours, and in the world in general. We let ourselves be biased by a label hung on them by humans; we’re talking about the famous PPP (potentially dangerous dogs) once again.
Are they not dogs?
Are they not great companions of humans, depending on how they are treated?
Why are they left out in such a terrible manner?
Today we cannot stop feeling sad for them, all of them. The ones who have spent half their lives locked up  in a kennel, for those who have been used as a toy for sadists and for all those who have crossed the rainbow bridge because of lack of human willingness to undo or mend rules we have created ourselves. The dogs are not to blame for anything; the ones at fault here are people who then wash their hands of the problems and leave these innocent beings aside, since nobody cares about their fate…
So here we are asking again, with very little hope, and with great sorrow, please think about these innocent dogs too… please


“Vitual Tour SCOOBY-DOGS in 12 episodes “

from April/6/2020 till April/25/2020

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Video April/11/2020 : “Scooby Dogs in Fermín’s Home” and “the Scooby-farm with the Donkeys/Sheep/Horses” (Part-7)

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Video April/12/2020 : the Scooby-farm with the fish/Horses/Donkeys/sheep They all would love to get in CONTACT with you (Part-8)

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Video April/24/2020 : “Scooby Dogs” They all would love to get in CONTACT with you (Part-9 )

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Video April/25/2020 : “Scooby Dogs” They all would love to get in CONTACT with you (Part-10 )

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Video April/25/2020 : “Scooby Dogs” They all would love to get in CONTACT with you (Part-11 )

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Video April/25/2020 : “Scooby Dogs” They all would love to get in CONTACT with you (Part-12 )

🆘 🆘 Protectora y Santuario Scooby March/29/2020 🆘 🆘

Scooby Hoy

Posted by Protectora y Santuario Scooby on Sunday, March 29, 2020…


These days are very difficult for us, we cannot rehome dogs or cats , they need to stay here and meanwhile more dogs are coming in , we need to buy food, to pay all the workers , the vets that look matter their health etc.Nowadays we need you more than ever.
Your contribution, however small it may seem, is very big for us.
Gracias ❤️





DIAS TRISTES March /25/2020 

Días tristes

Posted by Protectora y Santuario Scooby on Tuesday, March 24, 2020




The warehouse is under minimum 😞

If you  want to help the Scooby animals , you can buy some food (any kind will do ) and leave it , or send it to one of the following locations … Your help is much appreciated! 🐾🐾

Camino del Zarzoso 47400.Medina del Campo

Carretera de Rueda, n.47 47008 Valladolid

Calle Panera, 62, 47009 Valladolid

Thank you so much on behalf of our residents

 ‼️ IMPORTANT  Mesage ‼️   March/10/2020 
We are very concerned about our animals and their future. As you know we are only able to give many dogs and cats in adoption collaborating with associations from countries such as France, Italy, Holland, Czech Republic or the USA.
It’s clear that if it were not for the help from outside Spain it would be impossible for us to rescue so many animals, as the adoptions in Spain only take up less than 15% of the total number of adoptions. Say, what happens if the transport of animals will be banned due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak ? At the moment one trip scheduled to Milan/Italy won’t take place for this reason. This means that the animals have to stay with us longer, and worse, while some don’t leave we cannot help others because we have no place. On top of this there are a lot of dogs that arrive sick or with injuries, which makes this start of the year very hard. The number of abandoned galgos has skyrocketed this year too, and we often pick up whole litters of puppies as well. We are overwhelmed and very worried about all this and we need money to deal with this situation, whose length is uncertain and we have no way of knowing if it will improve or get worse. For all the above reasons, we are asking everyone: If you were thinking of adopting, now is the best time! ( for more info and adoption please send an email to:
If you cannot adopt, but still want to help us, you can collaborate in the next following ways:
▪️Join the teaming for only 1€/month
» Paypal –




February / 1  / 2020     WORLD GALGO DAY   ”  Their day is not only this one, every day is theirs, all 365 of them.    ”  

But on February /1  our voices, on behalf of the galgos, sound louder and clearer than ever, to tell the world that in the 21st century these dogs are still used by the majority of the galgueros as a mere work tool. And just like when a tool stops working, and therefore doesn’t fulfil its function, or is no longer usable for any reason, it is thrown away and a new one is bought in its place.
The end that awaits a galgo that ceases to be profitable for its owner is, in the best case, abandonment. However, in many places in Spain they are still hanged, beaten to death or thrown into wells alive.
Thousands of galgos are born every year to replace the thousands that are discarded.
When will it stop?
#StopHunting #StopGalgueros




Join our “TEAMING”

One euro per month can feed hundreds of animals;
With one Euro  per month we can protect them from the cold and heat;
With one Euro per month we can look for a second chance to the abused animals;
With one Euro per month we can transform the world for these beings who need help …
And you? Do you want to be part of that one Euro per month ?
Please Join our “Teaming ”



Legacy Giving; a gift of solidarity: Your mark  always next to theirs .
Your endeavours to help provide the most disadvantaged animals with a better life could carry on long after you have gone. Want to know how ?
By including Protectora y Santuario Scooby in your will as beneficiary of part of your assets.
Any inheritance you leave, however small it may seem (a vehicle, jewellery, part of your savings etc.) is very important for us in order to continue our fight  against animal cruelty and to do our job finding homes for over a thousand animals that we rescue from abandonment every year.

Your legacy will continue to save and change lives even if you are no longer able to do so .
Have no fear; a legacy gift in your testament will not harm your legitimate heirs at all, and also bear in mind that if you don’t make a will and you don’t have heirs, your possessions will be claimed for use by the state.

ℹ️ Should you require more information do not hesitate to contact us via






Please join our VIRTUAL ADOPTION PROGRAM. You are the salvation for hundreds of lives!
By adopting one of our furry friends virtually, you will be providing them with all the basic needs and, of course, you will be helping us to keep saving other lives.
👉 More info about virtual adoptions
👉 info in other languages:


February / 1  / 2019     WORLD GALGO DAY   ” They have no voice that’s why we give it to them “

February /1 is the WORLD GALGO DAY and what better way to help them than adopting one of these noble and beautiful animals even in a virtual way (virtual adoption)
With a small donation, you can save the life of a Galgo on a distance. You will receive pics and videos theirs to check the effects of your help. A small gesture with important consequences 💕. More information about virtual adoptions in this link

#StopGalgueros #StopHunting
Please Share this message and get the voice of thousands of greyhounds.




New opportunity to help to those who really need you 🐶🐱🐴🐥
If you want to help us  confirmation is needed  :
If you need any  information write us here:




PLANT a TREE Campaign

2020 begins and also a very exciting new project for us: the PLANT a TREE 🌳 campaign in SCOOBY MEDINA.
Winter is the best time to begin this work that we have long wished to do so that the patios where the dogs are have shade and because we simply love trees 🌲 The first trees planted are 2 birches.  We looked for fast-growing trees that provide shade and resist the extreme temperatures of the moor.
Next Sunday( Jan/5/2020 ) we will plant more because we have already seen how to protect them so that the dogs let them grow, if you would like to participate in this activity or would like to collaborate by contributing a tree write to the mail:



‼️First PRISION SENTENCE in Zamora by ANIMAL ABUSE to 40 dogs‼️

Scooby rescue  of the 40 dogs from the “Shed of Horrors” June/2018 ( Chip 7809 / on the right)

The Criminal Court of Zamora has condemned J.G.M. for a continuing crime of animal abuse and another of animal abuse with result of death at a penalty of 13 months and 15 days in prison and the confiscation of the intervined animals in favor of SCOOBY.
The images that accompany the text correspond to the day of their liberation, in June 2018. As you can see, their life (if it can be called life) was a real hell and if they had not been intervened by the Guardia Civil, the end for all of them it would have been death 😓, since they lacked water and food, were full of parasites and many of them was sick.
Now we have to focus on finding a home to the 36 dogs (many of them of rehala*) who were lucky enough to get out of that shed of horrors alive and that despite having suffered continued abuse and never having received a caress or a gesture of affection, they all are wonderful animals. In a few days we will introduce them ♥️.
We take this post to publicly thank the lawyer and the prosecutor of this case, Iván Prada Moral and Javier Robleda Fernández, respectively, since they have made their work for free in order to avoid any type of expense by having presented us as an accusation particular.
This news has had a great impact on the media, so we put several links so you can read it completely and get more information about this serious case of animal abuse.

*(REHALA: Set or group of big game dogs, led by the same hunter, and whose number varies in each regional regulation; the most common is between twelve and twenty-five)




The more we are denouncing abuse and / or abandonment, the easier it will be to fight against it. It is necessary to raise the number of abuse and abandonment reported, the more cases of complaint received by the Courts, the easier it will be for the Administration to take action on the matter. The rest (tell it on social networks for example) is useless if we want to end this scourge.


From Scooby, it is denouncing all cases of abandonment in which you can act, that is, when the animal has a chip and the owner is identified. We have already obtained several administrative convictions, although not all that we would like. The neglect of the administration on these issues is well known. In addition, we also participate as a private prosecutor in several cases of abuse reported in court. But, we need you to expand existing complaints .

We want to give you useful information on how to proceed when you know about a case of abuse or neglect . Many are those who believe that reporting is complicated, that you can only go to the police or Seprona when you know the author, that the police will not do anything … However, there is a very simple fact: THE MALTRATO IS CRIME, and abandonment is always an administrative infraction, and in certain cases , also a CRIME.

It is important that all cases be reported, that they be recorded and that the complaints be part of the statistics, since it is the only way for the authorities to stop ignoring the problem .

That is why we ask you to act, not to look the other way, with a few simple steps we can all contribute to the culprits being punished, or at least, that the case does not go unnoticed and is forgotten. Reporting on Facebook or other social networks has no use or saves lives .

Here is some useful information:

  1. If possible, it helps to record a video of the facts, or take pictures of the animal, of the place, of the conditions in which they are, of the author if you catch it with “hands in the dough”, or, if there are others people, identify those who are willing to testify as witnesses and provide all this information when making the complaint.
  2. If the events occur in an urban nucleus, it is necessary to go to the Local Police in case of abandonment and to the National Police if it is a case of abuse. If the events occur outside the urban center, in the countryside, on a farm, we must go to the Seprona and if there is not, to the Civil Guard.Both have the LEGAL OBLIGATION to collect the complaint. Do not be convinced if they answer that “they are not competent” or that “if you do not know the author can not be denounced” and several other excuses. IS NOT TRUE. If your wallet is stolen or you enter your home to steal, why don’t you have trouble reporting it? Why don’t they require you to know who it was? Well, with animal abuse, the same is a crime like any other (punishable by imprisonment). Everyone can file a complaint, it is a citizen right, and it is not necessary for the author to know himself.It is true that in certain cases, the complaint will be filed, as is the case with other crimes (if there is no evidence, if it is not possible to find out who is responsible) but even in this case it is necessary to report, you have to give visibility to the cases of abuse and neglect that do not “count” officially.
  3. You can also make a written complaint and send it directly to the Court of Guard or the Provincial Prosecutor of the place of the facts, just a simple account of the facts witnessed, accompanying the evidence you have (photos, videos, documents) and identifying the witnesses, who may be the same person who denounces or others who witnessed the events and of course, if known, the perpetrator. These complaints can even be sent by mail with acknowledgment of receipt, so it is not necessary to go in person to the court or the prosecutor’s office.



Scooby makes available to anyone who wants an email where anyone who witnesses abuse or neglect can receive advice.

This email is:

eye! It’s not about a lawyer’s free consultation. Only, but not a little, the advice of a specialist on issues of abuse and neglect.

You can write to this email, and, as far as possible, you will be answered as soon as possible.

This service will be possible FROM JANUARY END OF 2019 .

Once again, thank you for your collaboration!



We hope that with these simple tips, you will be encouraged to file complaints. Scooby has been doing it for many years and in the end this is how we get things to evolve. It is not necessary to be a hero to denounce, just to be convinced that both abuse and neglect is a thing of the past and that we have to END IT.

Thank you all for your collaboration!


 are SAVING LIFES /  are VERY IMPORTANT / are VERY MUCH  NEEDED  ! please be a Foster-Home

Foster- Homes  are very necessary ! The importance is so big that the difference for an animal from having a Foster Home or not having a Foster Home can safe his life.., it is so hard to say but so real.
Especially winter is critical for the oldies, sick animals or puppies in the shelter;  if you are thinking to adopt or foster  than this is the best time..
It takes courage to foster, because it is hard to let a furry friend go once they come into your life, but it is also one of the greatest acts of love for animals. When one finds a home there will be another waiting to have a chance … and this circle never seems to end …
If you want to be a foster home to an animal in need please  send us an email :
Info :
Info :

Update Dec/6/2019 :  Being a foster home is a unique experience, an opportunity to help an angel who really needs you and who will thank you with pure love.., enjoyment of every little step ahead from your fostered one it’s priceless





 “International BLACK  dog-DAY “!  October / 1 / 2019 

Many BLACK Scooby- Dogs are waiting for a loving HOME


JUANITA (Galga-mix ,  girl , born 2013 ,  arrived  on Jan/2016 ) ( waiting almost 4 years for her loving Home …)
(🍀 sponsor-dog)  for more photos and text see category :  ” 🍀Sponsor-Dogs” on the home page of this website

JOSETE, (mix-breed, boy , born 11/2013, arrived nov/2016 ) ( waiting already 3 years for his forever Home …)
(🍀 sponsor-dog) for more photos and text see category : ” 🍀Sponsor-Dogs” on the home page of this website




 Scooby HORSES need help during the cold winters

Join our “Teaming” ,  for only 1€ per month and it will help us a lot ♥️🐎

At Scooby there about 200 farm animal residents living permanently at the sanctuary ; all of them rescued from abuse , abandoning or neglet. Horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs and birds (among others) will remain with us until the end of their days receiving all the necessary care so that they are happy and lead the dignified life they deserve. Collaborate with us, help us to continue changing lives. Thank you!





” New DOG-HOUSES very much needed “

Photo LOBITA ( boxer-mix) ” New DOG-HOUSES are very much needed for the PILINO-PROJECT”  (  these Dog-houses are about € 119,- each /in Spain) 

For more information and donation of  new Dog-Houses, please send an  e-mail to:




Part I ( sept/29/2019 ):  You may ask what this ” Well, it’s something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and it’s great news for us to finally be able to start as there are many months of work and effort behind it.
Surely many of you are aware of the large number of dogs that we have with difficulties to get adopted. Mainly dogs that find it hard to build a relationship with people; ones that barely had any human contact or if they did, it’s been negative. This logically makes their adoption very difficult. The project got its name from one of these dogs, called Pilino ( the one in the first picture) He arrived very young and although he has improved since and aren’t so afraid, he still cannot easily go into someone’s house.
After thinking hard on the subject we decided to free up two patios to create a very large new one where we will build small enclosures.
The plan is to house one unsociable dog in each, together with one that’s sociable and with whom they get along so as to make it easier to approach them and work on their rehabilitation, and because living with a friendly dog ​​will help them progress as well.
We are currently starting with the work and we wanted you to get to know this project because we’re going to need volunteers who could commit to help with it. It’s a very important task as this may be the only way out of the shelter for many animals. Those willing to help us in this mission will receive training from an expert.

Part II : Do you remember the Pilino project? A new project to help the fearful dogs in the shelter?
As we continue working, the new yards are being built, and as soon as the first ones are finished we will move the first dogs to help them in their rehabilitation ☀️ We need doghouses for this project; We are looking for people who know and want to help us build them,(materials if we have) and also people who want to donate any house they might have and no longer use.
If any of those are true in your case, get in touch with us through Facebook.
If you’re interested please contact us through the following email:
We will keep you informed on the progress of this project on (Protectora y Santuario Scooby – Home | Facebook )

Part III ( Oct/18/2019 ) : 3,2,1 … NOW!  Start Pilot Operation!
In previous episodes or post, we told you that we were launching a project to recover dogs with fear.
Our idea was to make smaller yards to get closer to these dogs and socialize them.
Well … the yards are almost finished, and we are already working on the booths.
Last Sunday, Pablo, an excellent trainer, gave us some guidelines, to a group of volunteers and workers, to be able to work more effectively with these dogs. Operation iPilino is underway .

If you want to be a participant and help those who have the most difficulty get in touch with us :

LOBITA (female Boxer-mix) still scared…. is one of the dogs in the PILINO-PROJECT






Poor oldie without a name, we are so sorry, we did not get to you on time. You found a corner to let yourself go alone, without the desire or energy to continue fighting. What sort of life you must’ve had that led to this end. You surely did a good job once, but you were old and your big strong body had stopped working and it was no longer serving those who used you as a work tool. They were not going to spend money on a vet even when there was still something to do for you. So you ended up with advanced scabies, totally dehydrated, skin and bones and ready to go and rest at last. And so it happened; the only thing we were able to do is accompany you on the last road, give you some caresses at death’s door; a helping hand before the final goodbye. The vet had tried to help you but nothing could be done anymore. Your death is the reflection of our selfish human society, the one that does nothing but looks the other way, that believes itself superior to you, that uses you as if you have no feelings or the ability to feel pain.
You were undoubtedly a faithful companion, yet you were paid with abandonment and contempt at the time of your greatest need; how helpless you must have felt!
RIP sweet innocent, you would have deserved a worthy end of life, but it couldn’t be, fly high finally free of suffering at last

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: hond

Elderly dogs, with tumors, with Leishmania or extremely thin… ☹️
When we rescue animals we do it because they need help and because we’re worried about the fate that might await them without it.
We don’t choose them for their color, size or age, nor do we care if they’re healthy or sick … We don’t select which dogs to help, we don’t think about whether they’re more or less beautiful or sociable, we don’t even consider if they will be easily adopted or if no one will want to give them a home and they’ll have to spend the rest of their lives with us in the shelter. None of that matters … In Scooby we are animal lovers and our main goal is to help the ones most in need as they also deserve the best life possible.





Oct/22/2019    DAPHNE LEGACY TOUR 

After months of fund-raising by Daphne Legacy Tour as well as weeks of intricate preparations and getting to grips with the regulations ahead of each trip,  Daphne Legacy Tour flew to the USA this morning with the last consignment of our rescued galgos in their autumn 2019 transport.
The group of 16 galgos leave Spain today ( Oct/22/2019) for the USA.
This means over the last two years  Daphne Legacy Tour has transported over 100 galgos (some are in the photos  on FB , see: Daphne Legacy Tour ( click on ) 102 to be precise, to new lives in the USA (marked on the  map above).
Daphne Legacy Tour from our shelter last year and two this year, with early starts for our drivers and the stalwart fight chaperones to take the dogs to the airport in time for take-off to the Land of the Free.
We are very grateful to Daphne Legacy Tour for their momentous efforts to get these beautiful galgos to new homes and for the suitcases of donations they have delivered to our shelter on each voyage. Immense thanks. We are also proud of, and grateful to, our Scooby team who worked with Daphne Legacy Tour to make it happen.




October/12/2019: The start of the HUNTING season.

Starting today until the January/26/2020, those dogs that lack ardour, fail to run clean or get injured while doing so will be left behind.
Then from 26 January, all those galgos that haven’t done their job well or simply have already given everything they could possibly give to their owners, will be abandoned.
Some, the most fortunate, will be taken in by a dog pound or a shelter, while others will be left to their fate in the middle of a field or on some road, and there’ll be those that’ll sadly be killed straight away.


▪️Join the teaming for only 1€/month
» Paypal –

We are very grateful for the help we receive from our volunteers – local and international. Understandably we must also insist that volunteers read and comply with the basic rules before applying to volunteer at our shelter. These rules are in place for the safety of our rescued animals and to avoid generating extra work for our small team of staff. These rules are given to volunteers before they come and are on display in the shelter. The rules apply to all volunteers equally and anyone failing to comply will be requested to leave the shelter.

Volunteer feedback tells us that working at our shelter is a truly rewarding experience. This is helped if everyone follows the rules and we welcome their work. If you think these rules are not for you, then it’s better for the animals if you don’t offer practical work to the shelter.

❖ CLOSE all doors/gates behind you. An open door is a high risk. The shelter’s main gates are kept locked at ALL times. (If you stay in onsite accommodation you will be able to borrow a key.)
❖Do not feed the animals (including snacks and treats).
❖ Please do only the work the shelter supervisor/manager allocates to you and go only into the areas you are asked to.
❖ When you have finished your allocated work, please ask the supervisor/manager for the next job.
❖ If you have an idea or skill to offer, check with the supervisor/manager first.
❖ Volunteers/Visitors are NOT permitted to remove ANY animals from the kennels, enclosures, cattery or shelter rooms without permission.
❖ Please turn off lights, heaters any electrical equipment when not in use.
❖ Please replace all tools in the correct place. Please tidy up after your work.
❖ Access to the Scooby Farm is restricted. If you would like to visit, please ask to be escorted there at a pre-arranged time.
❖ Access to the hospital and infirmary is restricted. Do not enter without permission.
❖ If a visitor arrives at the main gate with or without an animal, please alert the shelter supervisor/manager. Do not take an animal from the visitor without help from Scooby staff.
❖ Remember housekeeping in the communal areas for humans and keep them clean, i.e. kitchens, bathrooms etc..
❖ Please keep animals out of the kitchen and food preparation areas.
❖ Scooby vehicles can be driven only with permission. Please re-fill the fuel after use.
❖ Walk calmly around the shelter and do not shout or make loud noises (e.g. music/radios)
❖ Avoid situations where dogs compete for affection, i.e. do not enter enclosures/kennels without permission; do not pet the dogs when they are in groups or introduce toys without permission.
❖ Do NOT visit the animals in the enclosures, or walk through the kennel areas after the working day has finished at 6pm. You will be given a number to call in the event of an emergency.
❖ Before taking photographs, please ask permission. It is forbidden to take photographs of sick and injured animals.





The main purpose of this day is to remember the importance of the conservation of animal species on the planet, since the welfare of ourselves is integrated into the welfare of all animals and the environment. Humans are the most evolved species (or so it is supposed) and for that reason we have the obligation to, at a minimum, respect the rest of the animals that inhabit our planet, since they have the same right to life as we do.


AUG/24/2019  Protectora y Santuario Scooby

Volunteers  very much needed

Would you like to be volunteer for a medium-long stay at Scooby Medina?
Would you like to be a weekend volunteer staying overnight?
In any of this cases you are welcome!! The animals are willing to see you…, you would enjoy many things, you would also probably cry, but for sure your efforts will be helpful for them, and they really need us ❤️
If you want to arrange your volunteering with Scooby and you come from abroad ( out of Spain ) write us on the following email address and we will tell you all the details 👇🏼
Volunteering :  🎯
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May/31/2019 Protectora y Santuario Scooby

” The Secret of the ” SCOOBY SUCCES ” :   WORK-WORK  and more WORK “

May is coming to and end, Thank God, my feelings are difficult to express 🤨, on one side an enormous happiness , more than 200 dogs and 75 cats have found their golden basket, but the work at the shelter has been enormous, you cannot imagine the huge amount of papers that need to be prepared, TRACES, passports, registrations , the new papers for the American government, it has been a real nightmare 🤪.
And what about the transportations, to the airport and to all those countries 🗺️, every weekend we have had at. Least one transport and believe me, this is exhausting, more than 30000 km. Driven in one month 🛣️ and here I would like to thank specially to our drivers, doing this job tirelessly and with a huge responsabilty between their hands , they always did a very efficient job.
The final result is a huge success , LOTS OF HAPPY ANIMALS AND HAPPY FAMILIES 🤗, and do you want to know the secret for this enormous success; WORK, WORK AND MORE WORK 💪, some people sometimes ask themselves what is the secret from Scooby , voilá an enormous amount of work. Thanks to everyone involved.

See video




May/28 /2019   ” National  Mixed-Breed  Dog-Day  “

In Spain we celebrate the” DAY OF THE DOG WITHOUT BREED, in order that, at least once a year, mixed dogs get more media attention.
They, like breed dogs, also deserve to be loved by a family.
ADOPT A MIX-Breed DOG, they are unique and incomparable  !
Please help them find a Home”
They are all lovely and they are all going crazy with happiness when they get a visit .
They love receiving cuddles and they trying to attract your attention constantly to get them. Unfortunately, the visits last only a little while, then they return to stay alone in their kennel !
If you want to adopt or need more information about any of these wonderful dogs, please send us an email to




In case someone has unwanted goods they think our animals in Scooby could use, we want to remind you of our collection points in Valladolid.

Carretera de Rueda, n.47 47008 Valladolid

Calle Panera, 62, 47009 Valladolid

Camino del Zarzoso 47400.Medina del Campo

If anyone has doubts about what to give; we are always in need of food (all sorts). Warm textiles are also welcome; to make the beds of the animals (blankets, sheets, towels etc.)

Thanks 😊



Join our TEAMING and collaborate with us by donating just € 1 a month in a simple and completely secure way.
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Be a volunteer! You won’t regret it

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is your time. You might not get paid in money but the love you get in return and the knowledge that you made a difference in the life of another being is worth all the effort. (if you come from abroad





Protectora y Sanctuary Scooby : March/7/2019

!!! 101 New Dogs and CATS !!!

Please help, Please adopt!
More info and pictures :

 March/2019  “Sunset at Paddock-4 , all are waiting for a forever Home… please adopt ”

Protectora y Santuario Scooby Feb/14/2019  “VALENTINE- DAY ” Galgos, Galgos, Galgos !!!! All waiting for a forever Home… please adopt 






Winter in Scooby  :  All the Scooby animals are in need of extra help “
Freezing temperatures at Scooby. Even our lake has frozen completely!!
You can imagine how cold the weather is and therefore the difficulties we are having to keep the more than 700 animals that live in our shelters (not only dogs and cats) as comfortable as possible. Please help them through the cold wintertime

Photo Jan/18/2019 update from Ana merino: “Romeo,  Txingudi, Blue, Freggle, Jan,  Muffin and Oliver are very happy with the warm blankets; tonight they will have sweet warm dreams. Thanks to all the people who have sent us blankets

How you can help them :
1. Material donations : the dogs are very much in need of warm blankets, warm coats, scarves (snoods) for Galgos… and take them to Medina, Palencia or Zamora shelter. If we have enough we can change them more often and the animals will avoid humidity (Or send them to :  Scooby ,  Ctra. De Olmedo, km.2 -47400- Medina del Campo (Valladolid), Spain  )
2. Volunteer: be a volunteer even if you have short time, the more people we are the more we can attend them in a better way.
3. Adopt : if you are thinking of adoption for a while, winter will be the best moment, maybe you can save a life.
4. Virtual adopt : ( )
5. Foster home : be a foster-Home for the same reason
6. Donate : donations are very needed, we have so many extra expenses to attend.

We will be thankful for any help 🐾



November/28 /2018  “Lots of Warm Blankets and warm coats are very very much needed”
With the cold nights, the dogs are in very much in need of warm blankets; please help them keep warm

Photo Nov/28/2018 ”  the Galgos from paddock – 3 ”








September /16 /2018  ” SCOOBY GALGOS Flying All Over The World ”

GIULIA (8 years old white girl) NANO (7 years old brindle boy) CARETO ( very long forgotten light brindle boy, at Scooby since Jan/2017) on Madrid-Airport,

all 3 with a one-way ticket to their forever Homes in Finland, last week.

Galgo Black Beauties: AZABACH and SIMA on the Madrid-Airport, were flying to their forever Homes in CANADA, last week




” New ( Xl ) Doggie-Pools” Summer 2018 

We are happy because this summer ( 2018 ) our dogs have received many (XL) Doggie – pools as a gift. Thanks for that ; the stay at the shelter for them, is more enjoyable with the hot temperatures in summer .   On behalf of all of them, thank you from the heart 💗

It is too hot ( 40 degrees) ! Swimming -pools are needed

TUKITO (adopted ) “TUKITO in his  XXL-pool ( paddock-4… ) ”

Christina ( Scooby-volunteer ) in the new XXL Doggy-Pool and some of the recued Scooby galgos to cool a bit off

FARRELL  was so very happy with the new pool in paddock 7-6 ” ( Farrell unfortunately passed away Spring/2020 )

RAYO ( available) (male, Mastin-X, born 2011, at Scooby since Feb/2017) “Rayo interested in his new XL-pool”

CARETA (adopted) is happy with the new pool in Paddock-5″

PIN ( available)(female, American Stafford, born 10/2015, 2 years at Scooby, since 8/2016) ” PIN is happy with the new XL-pool in paddock 4-A


CHEMA (adopted) “Sweet angel CHEMA finally a pool for you to cool a bit off”

Aisu (adopted) Photo Aug/15/2018 : “Super Cool” AISU very happy in her new XL-Pool in paddock 7-6″



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