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When God had made the earth and sky, the flowers and trees,
He then made all the animals and all the birds and bees.
And when His work was finished not one was quite the same
He said, I`ll walk this earth of mine and give each one a name.
And so He travelled land and sea and everywhere He went,
A little creature follwed Him, until his strength was spent.
When all were named upon the earth and in the sky and sea,
The little creature said, Dear Lord, there`s not one left for me.
The Father smiled and softly said, I`ve left you to the end.
I`ve turned my own name back to front and
called you DOG, my friend.

Author unknown


cover photo, Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekst

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 DOGGY-POOLS are very much needed

The temperatures in the summer are getting very high in Scooby ( above 40 degrees Celcius)  the dogs need water to cool off a bit

Ebany, Galga, born 12/2013,  arrived nov/14/2018  “Would love to have an  XL- Doggy-Pool ”


a ball and a swimming pool and LOGAN is happy🙂Now he only needs a home!

Posted by Ana Merino on Sunday, June 30, 2019




July/1/2019  Protectora y Santuario Scooby

Volunteers  very much needed this summer

Volunteering : for more information :

BORIS – LIBIA – RAMONCÍN – ZAZU – LAPIZ – MACHCA  from paddock 8-H :  hoping for many volunteers to come to Scooby this summer


May/31/2019  Protectora y Santuario Scooby

The Secret of the ” SCOOBY SUCCES ” :   WORK-WORK  and more WORK

May is coming to and end, Thank God, my feelings are difficult to express 🤨, on one side an enormous happiness , more than 200 dogs and 75 cats have found their golden basket, but the work at the shelter has been enormous, you cannot imagine the huge amount of papers that need to be prepared, TRACES, passports, registrations , the new papers for the American government, it has been a real nightmare 🤪.
And what about the transportations, to the airport and to all those countries 🗺️, every weekend we have had at. Least one transport and believe me, this is exhausting, more than 30000 km. Driven in one month 🛣️ and here I would like to thank specially to our drivers, doing this job tirelessly and with a huge responsabilty between their hands , they always did a very efficient job.
The final result is a huge success , LOTS OF HAPPY ANIMALS AND HAPPY FAMILIES 🤗, and do you want to know the secret for this enormous success; WORK, WORK AND MORE WORK 💪, some people sometimes ask themselves what is the secret from Scooby , voilá an enormous amount of work. Thanks to everyone involved.

See video





May/28 /2019   ” National  Mixed-Breed  Dog-Day  “

In Spain we celebrate the” DAY OF THE DOG WITHOUT BREED, in order that, at least once a year, mixed dogs get more media attention.
They, like breed dogs, also deserve to be loved by a family.
ADOPT A MIX-Breed DOG, they are unique and incomparable  !
Please help them find a Home”
They are all lovely and they are all going crazy with happiness when they get a visit .
They love receiving cuddles and they trying to attract your attention constantly to get them. Unfortunately, the visits last only a little while, then they return to stay alone in their kennel !
If you want to adopt or need more information about any of these wonderful dogs, please send us an email to

JUANITA , Galga-Mix-Breed ,  female,   born 2013 (age 6)  color : black& white ; arrived at scooby on Jan/2016 ( 3 years and 5 months in the shelter) for more photos and text see category :  ” Galgos in urgent Need ”




DOG-FOOD and CAT-FOOD very much needed

The warehouse is under minimum

If you want to help, please send/bring it to :

Carretera de Rueda, n.47 47008 Valladolid

Calle Panera, 62, 47009 Valladolid

Camino del Zarzoso 47400.Medina del Campo

Thank you




New Dog-houses very much needed

LOBITA (female Boxer-mix-breed) still scared…. ( in urgent need of a new  Dog-House  and a forever Home …)


In case someone has unwanted goods they think our animals in Scooby could use, we want to remind you of our collection points in Valladolid.

Carretera de Rueda, n.47 47008 Valladolid

Calle Panera, 62, 47009 Valladolid

Camino del Zarzoso 47400.Medina del Campo

If anyone has doubts about what to give; we are always in need of food (all sorts). Warm textiles are also welcome; to make the beds of the animals (blankets, sheets, towels etc.)

Thanks 😊



Protectora y Sanctuary Scooby  April/9/2019 :   “61 DOGS and Cats rescued in Murcia “

This time we went to rescue dogs and cats in Murcia
61 more animals are already safe . In particular 36 greyhounds and 25 cats. Now they will have the opportunity to know what a real home and family is.
Remember that without your help it would be impossible for us to save the lives of so many animals. That’s why we need you, or rather, that’s why they (most vulnerable animals) need you. Together we can offer them a better life .

Protectora y Sanctuary Scooby  April/5/2019 :   ”  66 NEW DOGS AND CATS! “

66 new dogs and cats arrived at Scooby : Please adopt and also think of the other 400 cats and dogs that live in our Scooby shelters!
More info and pictures     and

Please, help us to continue saving and changing lives


April/ 2019  “Orange Ribbon”

April is the month dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and its symbol is the orange ribbon.
At Scooby we are proud to join this initiative to give voice to those who don’t have one: animals, and thus help to raise awareness against animal abuse.
“Cruelty to animals teaches cruelty towards humans.”
#stopanimalcruelty #goorangeforanimals



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Please join our VIRTUAL ADOPTION PROGRAM. You are the salvation for hundreds of lives!
By adopting one of our furry friends virtually, you will be providing them with all the basic needs and, of course, you will be helping us to keep saving other lives.
👉 More info about virtual adoptions
👉 info in other languages:




PLEASE give them a chance too





FOSTER- HOMES are very necessary! The importance is so big that the difference for an animal from having a Foster Home or not having a Foster Home can safe his life.., it is so hard to say but so real.
Winter is critical for the oldies, sick animals or puppies in the shelter, if you are thinking to adopt or foster its very clear that this is the best time..
For more info about being a Foster-Home to an animal in need please send an email to :



Be a volunteer! You won’t regret it

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is your time. You might not get paid in money but the love you get in return and the knowledge that you made a difference in the life of another being is worth all the effort. (if you come from abroad





Protectora y Sanctuary Scooby : March/7/2019

!!! 101 New Dogs and CATS !!!

Please help, Please adopt!
More info and pictures :

Protectora y Santuario Scooby March/2019  “Sunset at Paddock-4 , all are waiting for a forever Home… please adopt ”

Protectora y Santuario Scooby Feb/14/2019  “VALENTINE- DAY ” Galgos, Galgos, Galgos !!!! All waiting for a forever Home… please adopt 




February/1   WORLD GALGO DAY   ” They have no voice that’s why we give it to them “

February /1 is the WORLD GALGO DAY and what better way to help them than adopting one of these noble and beautiful animals even in a virtual way (virtual adoption)
With a small donation, you can save the life of a Galgo on a distance. You will receive pics and videos theirs to check the effects of your help. A small gesture with important consequences 💕. More information about virtual adoptions in this link

#StopGalgueros #StopHunting
Please Share this message and get the voice of thousands of greyhounds.




Protectora y Santuario Scooby January/2019 ” It is winter in Scooby ; All the Scooby animals are in need of extra help “
Freezing temperatures at Scooby. Even our lake has frozen completely!!
You can imagine how cold the weather is and therefore the difficulties we are having to keep the more than 700 animals that live in our shelters (not only dogs and cats) as comfortable as possible. Please help them through the cold wintertime

Photo Jan/18/2019 update from Ana merino: “Romeo,  Txingudi, Blue, Freggle, Jan,  Muffin and Oliver are very happy with the warm blankets; tonight they will have sweet warm dreams. Thanks to all the people who sent blankets

How you can help them :
1. Material donations : the dogs are very much in need of warm blankets, warm coats, scarves (snoods) for Galgos… and take them to Medina, Palencia or Zamora shelter. If we have enough we can change them more often and the animals will avoid humidity (Or send them to :  Scooby ,  Ctra. De Olmedo, km.2 -47400- Medina del Campo (Valladolid), Spain  )
2. Volunteer: be a volunteer even if you have short time, the more people we are the more we can attend them in a better way.
3. Adopt : if you are thinking of adoption for a while, winter will be the best moment, maybe you can save a life.
4. Virtual adopt : ( )
5. Foster home : be a foster-Home for the same reason
6. Donate : donations are very needed, we have so many extra expenses to attend.

We will be thankful for any help 🐾



Protectora y Santuario Scooby November/28 /2018  “Lots of Warm Blankets and warm coats are very very much needed”
With the cold nights, the dogs are in very much in need of warm blankets; please help them keep warm

Photo Nov/28/2018 ”  the Galgos in paddock 3 ”




Protectora y Santuario Scooby November/23/2018 BLACK FRIDAY ! BLACK Scooby Dogs; all are waiting for a loving HOME




Be a Scooby VOLUNTEER for 1 DAY, on  November /10/ 2018

REPAIRS and more REPAIRS . Having more than 600 animals, we can not stop fixing things… .
The winter is very hard on the animals in the shelter. Some of the fences and doghouses need to be repaired; some doghouses need insulation to protect the dogs from rain, snow and freezing cold weather, the houses for the other animals need repairing to keep them warm and a bit more comfortable in winter.
If you are a handy person -or you are at least willing to be – and you feel like becoming one of our volunteers for 1 day
We are organizing a volunteers day on the 10th of NOVEMBER to do this job. We will need many hands to help and make winter a little more bearable for our dear animals.
The objective of the day is to prepare the shelter as much as possible for the winter.
If you do not have time to commit yourself more continuously but you want to help for 1 day! More than 600 animals await you!
We will start from 9:00 in the morning, bring comfortable old clothes (can stain), and water. For food we will order a vegan paella (the price per person is 8e).
We will need confirmation for the reservation of food and to organize the work, please tell us in the next mail: ( )
Thanks a million on behalf of all our animals in need
If you want to confirm assistance you can write us here :
Or if you have any questions :
If you want to help in purchasing materials you can do it here :
🔸 Donations:
» Paypal –
» Banco: ES6101280212510103853927




Protectora y Santuario Scooby  : Oct /2018 Scooby DOGS in Need of warm Blankets and warm COATS”

“The nights in the Shelter are already very cold ! Warm carpets, warm blankets, warm mattresses and especially warm coats are very much needed  ! please help them to keep warm
( Material donations, address : Ctra. De Olmedo, km.2 -47400- Medina del Campo (Valladolid), Spain

Photo Oct/9/2018 “Good night from Padi, Saoirse, Tormenta, Loquillo and Sun

Photo oct/2018 Cold nights ¡buenas noches! TOTTO-ESTRELLA- BANDIDO- RAMÓN warming each other

Photo Oct/30/2018 “DODO is cold”




Protectora y Santuario Scooby Sept / 27/2018 ⚠️ URGENT !! STOLEN IN VALLADOLID ⚠️

Fandango we do not forget about you. We give a reward of 1000 euros to those who return him or give us a final clue that will lead us to him and bring him back.
They have stolen Fandango! He is a Galgo of about 27 kg, he has a white spot on his chest, a white tip on his tail, white toes and white hairs on his face.
He limps slightly with his left front-leg and is castrated.
At the time of his disappearance, he wore a Scalibor collar.
He is not elusive or scared and it is possible to be caught by anyone.




Protectora y Santuario Scooby September /16 /2018  ” SCOOBY Galgos Flying All Over The World ”

GIULIA (8 years old white girl) NANO (7 years old brindle boy) CARETO ( very long forgotten light brindle boy, at Scooby since Jan/2017) on Madrid-Airport, all 3 with a one-way ticket to their forever Homes in Finland, last week.

Galgo Black Beauties: AZABACH and SIMA on the Madrid-Airport, were flying to their forever Homes in CANADA, last week




” New ( Xl ) Doggie-Pools”

We are happy because this summer our dogs have received many (XL) Doggie pools as a gift. Thanks to these details; the stay at the shelter for them, is more enjoyable and fun.
On behalf of all of them, thank you from the heart 💗

It is too hot ! Swimming -pools are needed

TUKITO (adopted ) “TUKITO was promised an XXL-pool in paddock-4… ”

FARRELL (retriever-X, female, born 3/3/2017, at scooby since 7/2017) “FARRELL so very happy with the new pool in paddock 7-6 ”

RAYO (male, Mastin-X, born 2011, at Scooby since Feb/2017) “Rayo interested in his new XL-pool”

CARETA (adopted) is happy with the new pool in Paddock-5″

PIN (female, American Stafford, born 10/2015, 2 years at Scooby, since 8/2016) ” PIN is happy with the new XL-pool in paddock 4-A


CHEMA (adopted) “Sweet angel CHEMA finally a pool for you to cool a bit off”

Aisu (adopted) Photo Aug/15/2018 : “Super Cool” AISU very happy in her new XL-Pool in paddock 7-6″



Protectora y Santuario Scooby July/28/2018

“Is the Number of animals unsustainable ?”

From Scooby we have the feeling that it has gone crazy, that the number of animals is unsustainable and we know that we can not continue much longer !
That’s why we ask you if the number of animals Scooby collects is normal or are we collecting many more than any other association?
See :






“Join our teaming group”

Please join our Teaming group and save lives by donating just € 1 a month.
👉 Click on the link and follow the instructions







The Scooby Shop

:    (email : )