Dobby ( chip 5056) male, age 3.5+ ( born 12/2017 ) 7 months at Scooby / Palencia ( since feb/2020💛) ( urgent need ) available

Photo June/16/2020These 4 precious Galgo boys, are all very loving and sociable;  all 4 are looking for a home”
-Liam ( chip 2293) ( in the back/ black / male/ born 1/2017)
-Veneno ( chip 1412)(in the middle/ dark-brindle / male /born 8/2015 ) 
-Dobby  (chip 5056) (in the middle/ black & white / male/ born 12/2017) 
-Flash ( chip 3435) ( in the front / brindle/ male/ born 11/2018 )  

Photo June/2/2020 and update from Scooby/Palencia :  ” All 4 boy are as good and loving as they are handsome.; these 4  lovely boys are waiting for a loving Home, a long time now… “
-Flash ( chip 3435 ) (left-front / male/ born 11/2018 )  
-Epi ( right-front / black&white / male )
-Dobby ( chip 5056 ) ( left-back / black & white / male / born 12/2017 )
-Veneno  ( chip 1412)(in the middle / dark-brindle / male / born 8/2015 )

Photo May/18/2020 and update from Scooby/Palencia: “All 3 boys walking very well on the leash and are waiting for their forever family…
EPI : black (on the left) 2 years old boy, all love, super sociable and super affectionate.
VENENO (chip 1412): brindle (in the middle ) 4.5 years old boy, calm, affectionate and sociable although at first he is somewhat shy, until he gains confidence.
DOBBY(chip 5056 ): black & white (on the right ) born 12/2017, sociable, but a little scared of people, but when he gains confidence he is all love

Photo May/19/2020 : Dobby,  sociable, but a little scared of people, but when he gains confidence he is all love


Photo Feb/23/2020 : Dobby and volunteer

Photo Feb/21/2020 : sweetheart Dobby, waiting in his concrete kennel for a loving Home…

Photo Feb/6/2020 : Dobby

Sweet Dobby, must have lived a difficult life…

Poor Dobby, is in urgent need of a Home…


Dobby is a 3.5+ year old Galgo ( born 12/12/2017 ) He arrived at Scooby / Palencia on Feb/3/2020
The poor boy was abandoned in the countryside… he liked to follow hikers ( for food ) until one day we were able to rescue him with their help
He is just a lovely, sweet boy ; at first  a little shy of people, but when he gains confidence he is very affectionate, only love…
The poor boy must have live a very hard/difficult time to survive after he was abandoned… as you can still see from the look of him it wasn’t a pretty life
He is social and good with the other dogs
This sweet, precious  Angel is  very much  deserving and in urgent need of a calm, patience, loving Home, with a loving family who will cherish and pamper him the rest of his life


Chip: ap2_20 941000024285056
Breed: Galgo
Age: 12/12/2017
Color: black & white
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Feb / 03 / 2020
Location:  Scooby / Palencia


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