Dino( chip 9161) male, age 2 ( born 7/2018) 7 months at Scooby ( since feb/2020💛)( in need) available


Dino is a 2 year young Galgo ( born 7/20/2018 ) He arrived at Scooby on Feb/16/2020; from Murcia
Just a lovely sweetie; a softhearted young boy ; affectionate and calm, at first a little distrustful/insecure , but then he is very thankful for pampering and caresses
Social with the other dogs
A very pretty boy
This sweetheart is very much in need of a calm, loving Home, with a loving family who will cherish and pamper him and turn this bit insecure boy into a happy boy

Chip: MU0220-941000024499161
Breed: Galgo
Age: 07/20/2018
Color: Brindle
Traumatized: No
With female dogs:***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Feb / 16 / 2020
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock- 2

More Info and adoption                  📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org
Más información y para adoptar 📧 : adopciones@scoobymedina.org