Estrella ( chip 9481 ) Mastín, female, age 7.5+ ( born 3/2013 ) 1 year at Scooby ( since jan/2020💛) (urgent need)available

Estrella :  age 7.5  (8 months waiting in the shelter)
Winter will come soon , in a few weeks the rain and cold will arrive… Winter in a shelter is hard for everyone, but for them, for the oldies, it is much worse.
Our oldies need us more than ever now, they would be so happy if they could sleep in a warm, comfortable home… Will we be able to find a home for them? Will you help chip 9481? Let’s not have him spend another winter in the shelter, he so very much deserves to know what it is to have a family and a loving home. Chip 9481 urgently needs a Home, before the cold/wet winter starts…please ( sponsor-dog🍀 )
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Video  July/29/2020  :  Mastíns at scooby
They impress with their size and their appearance as bears, they are usually calm, noble, intelligent dogs, very defensive of their family and territory, affectionate, also stubborn at times …. It is another of the breeds that suffer the most in our country, left behind to their fate in most cases they appear at villages and fields and for us it very difficult to find families for them, mainly because of their size …
In this video (above ) all the big guys who are waiting to find a family … 32 at this time ( July/29/2020) (some they don’t have names jet because they have recently arrived)
If you are in love with these wonderful companions, you could change the life of one of them…please they need you

Estrella is a 7.5+ year old Mastín, girl . She arrived at Scooby on  Jan / 28/2020 ; from Santiago de la Puebla
When she arrived she did not looked very well taken care of
A lovely, sweet girl, with sad looking eyes
Beautiful, gorgeous girl ( no name yet)
At her senior age this unfortunate girl should not be in a busy shelter, she is in urgent need of a loving Home

Chip: 985113001159481
Breed : Mastín
Age: 03/15/2013
Color:  light brown
With small children: Not Tested
Socialized: Not Tested
With female dogs: Not Tested
With male dogs: Not Tested
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
Traumatized: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Jan/ 28 / 2020
Location: Scooby /Medina  Perimeter ( Pilino-1 )

More Info and adoption                  📧 :
Más información y para adoptar 📧 :