De San Vicente de Alconada ( chip 5350) male, age 4 (born 11/2016) 1 month at Scooby ( since Oct/2020💛) available

Chip 5350 : Adorable sweetie , very sociable and loving

Chip 5350: very calm and quiet boy

Chip 5350 is a 4 year old Galgo, boy ( born 11/01/2016 ) from San Vicente de Alconada (Salamanca)
An adorable sweetie; very calm and quiet, very sociable and loving boy
This sweetheart is in need of a loving Home

Chip: 941000025145350
Breed: Galgo
Age: 11/01/2016
Color: Brindle
Socialized: Not Tested
Traumatized: Not Tested
With female dogs: Not Tested
With male dogs: Not Tested
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby/Medina Paddock 7-1G
Arrival Date: Oct /30 / 2020

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