Sunny ( chip 5551) female, age 4 ( born 7/2016 ) 2 months at Scooby ( since July/2020💛) (SOS / in urgent need )available

Sunny ( chip 5551 )

Sunny (chip 5551 ) is a 4 year old Galga ( Born July/01/2016 ) She arrived at Scooby on July/4/2020; from Medina
This sweet Angel was picked up in Medina, she is hardly taken into consideration. She arrived full of fear and terrible hunger. She has ataxia, possibly as a result of  Parvo-virus; she is still under observation.  She  has a mandibular prognathism* ( underbite ) which makes it difficult for her to eat, and makes her look like a little mouse. But in just one day, she looks stronger and more confident. She will be the queen of our house!
( Recogida en Medina, apenas se tiene en pe. Ha llegado con mucho miedo y un hambre terrible. Tiene ataxia, secuela posiblemente de una parvovirosis, aún en observación. Además tiene prognatismo mandibular, que le dificulta comer, y le da un aspecto de ratoncito. En solo un día se la ve más fuerte y más confiada. Va a ser la reina de nuestra casa! )

Chip: 941000025145551
Breed : Galga
Age: 07/01/2016
Color: Brindle
Socialized: Not Tested
Traumatized: Not Tested
With female dogs: Not Tested
With male dogs: Not Tested
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: July / 04 / 2020
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 7-1A


* Mandibular Prognatism or Underbite  : The lower jaw is of normal length, the upper jaw is too short

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