De Calvarrasa de Abajo ( chip 5354) Deutsch Drathaar, male, age 3.5+( born 1/2017) 1 month at Scooby (since oct/26/2020💛) available

Chip 5354

Chip 5354 is a 3.5+ year old German Drathar, boy ( Born 01/10/2017 ) He arrived at Scooby on Oct/26/2020 ; from Calvarrasa de Abajo ( Salamanca)
Lovely, sweet boy; very good, sociable, loving and calm
A very handsome boy with his beautiful roughhaired coat and his wonderfull amber colored eyes
This sweetheart is in need of a loving Home


Update Nov/1/2020 : This about  3.5 years old boy is very good, sociable, affectionate and calm.  Whoever adopts him will have the best friend  and family member you can imagine. Will you be that lucky person 🍀?


Chip: 941000025145354
Breed: Deutsch Drathaar
Age: 01/01/2017
Color: Black and white ( roughhaired )
Socialized: Not Tested
Traumatized: Not Tested
With female dogs: Not Tested
With male dogs: Not Tested
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Oct /26 / 2020
Location: Scooby/Medina Paddock 7-1A

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