Elladan (chip 7894) male, age 3- ( born 11/2017) 1 year at Scooby/Residencia ( since oct/2019💙)( urgent/ priority to leave the shelter) available



Elladan es un galguito tímido y desconfiado víctima de la caza, que necesita tiempo para volver a confiar en la gente.Elladan is shy and distrustful, he is a victim of hunting and he needs time for trusting people again.

Geplaatst door Interaccionando con los residentes de Scooby op Vrijdag 6 maart 2020

Video March/7/2020 :  Poor Angel, Elladan is shy and distrustful, he is a victim of hunting and he needs time to trust people

Elladan, poor innocent shy Angel

Elladan is an almost 3 year young Galgo ( born 11/2017) He arrived at Scooby on Oct/12/2019 ; From Murcia
He came together  with  Galga GAIA (Chip 7799/ not shy)  (they look very much alike, maybe his mother ) they live together in paddock-5
This poor sweet, innocent Angel is scared and distrustful, he is a victim of hunting and he needs time to trust people…
He arrived malnourished and very skinny ; the way Elladan acts he must have lived a hard/difficult life, not very well taken care of and hungry , with not much food to eat …poor boy
In the paddock is very elusive and it is difficult to catch him. Once he is on the leash, he stays like petryfied, waiting for something badto happen to him…
He is social with the other dogs
Elladan  is in urgent  need of a loving , calm, patience, experiennced  |Home with a family that understands his fears,  to gain confidence in people and put some weight on his skinny body


Chip: MU1019941000024417894
Color: Black
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested (on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby / Residencia ( Valladolid)


It is really tough to promote these poor scared Angels, since almost nobody ever asks for them …
This is terribly unfair because their behaviour is a result of bad experiences with people before arriving here. Neglect, abuse, or indifference are among the things they were subjected to in their previous lives, so should not they be the ones we most care for and pamper to help them get the opportunity they didn’t have? To compensate them for the damage they have suffered?
People may think that it’s too difficult, and it’s true that every case is different, and that some of these shy Angels may never completely recover from their trauma. However, what is also true, that they always do get better when shown love and care.
There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing one of these shy Angels adopted by conscious, patient and loving people, because we wish each of them has an opportunity…please give them a chance on happiness, they are not feeling happy in the busy shelter

For more info and adoption          📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org    (residencia@scoobymedina.org )
Más información y para adoptar 📧 : adopciones@scoobymedina.org                           (residencia@scoobymedina.org )