Yuna (chip 7880)mix-breed, female,age 4(born 7/2016)2 years+1 month at Scooby (since Aug/2018)(urgent need)available

YUNA, poor girl…

YUNA, in urgent need of a loving Home



Photo June/2019 : Scooby rescues  40 dogs of the “Shed of Horrors” in Valdeperdices… (Chip 7880 is one of them)
Now we have to focus on finding  homes to all the 40 dogs (many of them of rehala*) who were lucky enough to get out of that shed of horrors alive… and that despite having suffered continued abuse and never having received a caress or a gesture of affection, they all are wonderful dogs.


YUNA is a 4 year old mix-breed ( Beagle-mix)( Born 7/5/2016 ) She arrived at Scooby on Aug/1/2018 ; from Valdeperdices
This poor, innocent Angel was lucky to be rescued by Scooby from a terrible case of dog abuse… rescued from “The shed of Horrors” in Valdeperdices ( saved from the death…)
Because of the  continued suffering( hunger, thirst filthy environment ) and abuse, both mentally (never having received a caress or gesture of affenction )  and physically ( among other things , the big scar on her back) , it has taken its toll on our little girl, who is timid and insecure ( socialized**)
But taking her with the leash she tries to trust us.  We are sure  that in a patience, calm, loving home where she could feel loved and safe, she would improve very quickly
Social with the other dogs
After the horror she had to go through in her life of knowing only abuse, sweet girl Yuna, is very much deserving and in urgent need of a loving Home, with a loving family, who will love and cherish her the rest of her life .


Chip: DZ0818941000024417880
Breed: Mix  ( Beagle-mix ?)
Age: 07/05/2016
Color: Tricolor / short-hair
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Aug / 01 / 2018
Location: Scooby /Medina Paddock 7-1F

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