! Ruina (chip 6803) male, age 6.5 ( oldest Galgo)( Born 5/2014 ) 22 months at Scooby/medina ( since Feb/2019💙)(Scooby’s most “forgotten” galgo) ( urgent need )available

Photo Aug/13/2019 : Photo 1 year ago , sweet RUINA is still here, waiting for someone whowill give this poor boy a chance…please


I think Ruina wants to tell us something but… What? 🤷‍♀️ This barker boy needs to learn Spanish!Creo que Ruina intenta decirnos algo pero… ¿Que? 🤷‍♀️ Este charlatán necesita aprender castellano!

Geplaatst door Interaccionando con los residentes de Scooby op Zondag 26 januari 2020

Video Jan/27/2020 :  ” I would love to come near you but I do not dare so well…” ( poor sweetie )




Photo Feb/28/2020 : RUINA (brindle on the left ) and VITON (chip 8016, white, male, born 2/2018) are 2 best friends

Photo Oct/21/2019  : RUINA

Photo Aug/13/2019 :  sweet RUINA

Photo May/1/2019 : RUINA’s sad looking eyes, staring through the fence, Ruina wants to go Home so very much……..

Photo June/20/2019 : ” RUINA(on the left)ARUNA(in the middle/ adopted) – OMARA(on the right/adopted) ”

From the look of  his sad looking eyes in his cute grayish face,  he did not have a pretty  life before…

RUINA ( on the right)

RUINA, poor boy…

This is how RUINA arrived at Scooby…


RUINA is a 6.5 year old Galgo ( Born May/8/2014) He arrived at Scooby on Feb/23/2019 ; From Cadiz
Ruina, Scoobys Most “Forgotten” Galgo
RUINA ( meaning “Wreck/Ruin” ) that is how he came to Scooby…( see the photos below) from the look of him (those sad looking eyes) he certainly must have lived a hard/difficult life before, probably full of abuse, fear, mistreat and neglect all his life and only met bad people  …poor boy…
And he is such a sweet, big boy…
The poor is unhappy and barks all the time, he can be a bit grumpy, but he likes to get close to people. If you have treats he can even let you caress him ( This is a very sad story, like with so many other mistreated dogs …  the world is not fair,  and after all it is Not his fault, he is just another victim of a horrible past…maybe a living hell… This poor boy needs a chance too…)
He is social with the other dogs ( especially close with his friend VITON / chip 8016) he is the leader of the group
RUINA is so very much deserving and in need of a loving Home.  What he definitely needs is tranquility, stability, patience, understanding and lots and lots of love and affection and he will show you his loving, soft site
Please, this unfortunate boy needs a chance…he can not be a 3rd cold winter in the shelter…
and help him become the happy boy that he deserves to be, make his sad eyes shine and just love and spoil him the rest of his life …please
Please do not let Ruina spend his 2nd Christmas in the shelter…

Update : ” I am the one in charge of my pack, if I bark … everyone will bark with me, if I run … everyone will follow the path. I’m a bit grumpy, but still, I like to get close to people. If you have sweets … I can even let myself be caressed by you and tell others to do the same”.


Chip: AN0219941000019496803
Male / castrated
Color: Brindle
Height: big boy
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby / Quarantine


It is really tough to promote these poor scared Angels, since almost nobody ever asks for them …
This is terribly unfair because their behaviour is a result of bad experiences with people before arriving here. Neglect, abuse, or indifference are among the things they were subjected to in their previous lives, so shouldn’t they be the ones we most care for and pamper to help them get the opportunity they didn’t have? To compensate them for the damage they have suffered?
People may think that it’s too difficult, and it’s true that every case is different, and that some of these shy Angels may never completely recover from their trauma. However, what is also true, that they always do get better when shown love and care.
There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing one of these shy Angels adopted by conscious, patient and loving people , because we wish each of them has an opportunity…please


More Info and adoption                  📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org
Más información y para adoptar 📧 : adopciones@scoobymedina.org