! chip 6711, galga, female, age 7 ( born 7/2014 ) 1 month at scooby ( since june/2021 ? 💜 ) ( urgent need ) available

Chip 6711

Chip 6711 is a 7 year old Galga, girl ( born 20/July/2014 ) She arrived at Scooby/Medina on June/2021 ?
Tha poor girl arrived in poor condition, very skinny and malnourished ; now recovering in the infirmary
Lovely, sweet girl with a very good character
At her age and condition she should not be in a busy, uncomfortable shelter; this sweetheart is in urgent need of a loving Home, were she can gain some weight on her skinny body and will be cherished and pampered for the rest of her life

Chip: 941000017606711
Breed: Galga
Age: 20/07/2014
Color: light brindle and white
Arrival Date: June/2021 ?
With female dogs:__
With male dogs: __
With cats: not tested ( on request)
With children: __
Traumatized: __
Arrival Date: June/2021 ?
Location: Scooby/Medina infirmary ( ENFERMERIA)

More Info and adoption                  📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org
Más información y para adoptar 📧 : adopciones@scoobymedina.org