Chester ( chip 2998) pointer-mix, male, age 10.5 ( Born 8/2010) 13 months at Scooby (since march/2020💛)( SOS/ in urgent need /priority to leave the shelter) available

Photo Jan/18/2021 : Shelter-life in winter, with it’s freezing temperatures is too hard on poor senior Chester… he is in urgent  need of a home… please

Photo Jan/18/2021 : Chester

Photo and update Sept/10/2020 :   Winter will come soon, in a few weeks the rain and cold will arrive… Winter in a shelter is hard for everyone, but for them, for the oldies, it is much worse.Our oldies need us more than ever now, they would be so happy if they could sleep in a warm, comfortable home… Will we be able to find a home for them? Will you help CHESTER? Let’s not have him spend another winter in the shelter, he so very much deserves to know what it is to have a family and a loving home. CHESTER urgently needs a Home, before the cold/wet winter starts…please


Chester es alegría y vitalidad a sus 10 añitos, seguro que ha sido un terremoto toda su vida, y es uno de esos perros felices totalmente resiliente, un alma noble,un tesoro que a pesar de su edad aún tiene mucho carrete, mucho para dar y ofrecer 😊Si te gustaría tener a este chico adorable todo el día a tu alrededor escríbenos:ℹ️🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈Chester is happiness and vitality in his 10s, for sure he has been a moved one whole life, he is one of those happy and resilient boy, a noble soul, a treasure that despite his age he still has so much to offer 😊If you wish to have this jolly guy arround you whole day then write us: ℹ️internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.orgchip: 941000024732998.

Geplaatst door Protectora y Santuario Scooby op Donderdag 24 september 2020

Video Sept/24/2020 : Chester is all joy and vitality at 10 years old,  he has been through a lot his life, but he is one of those totally resilient happy dogs; a noble soul; a treasure that despite his age still has  a lot to offer

Chester, too old for busy shelter-life , very much  in need of a Home




CHESTER is a 10.5 year old Pointer-mix ( Born 8/28/2010 ) He arrived at Scooby on March/1/2020
Lovely, sweet boy; all happiness and cheerfullness ; resilient and vitality; but also gorgeous and calm; just loves all people and loves to be cuddled and pampered and has lots of love to offer
Social with the other dogs ( his best friend Struppi, chip 9935 / podenco-x, age 7.5/  is also still available  )
The busy, uncomfortable , cold/wet shelter is very hard on poor Chester… especially now  the winter has started with it’s freezing temperatures!   This 10.5 year old senior sweetheart is in urgent need of a warm Home  and a loving family who will cherish him for the rest of his life
Chester is in urgent need of a warm home…please

Update 18/1/2021 : 2  patio best friends: CHESTER and  Struppi ( chip 9935 )
Two  senior boys, two adorable boys, both super affectionate and good with everyone (dogs and humans), both eager to receive affection and both already with a certain age for which these oldies that are in Medina lately have nothing good coming for them…
They may not be very striking to some at first glance but they would steal your heart if you met them in person, they deserve to have a family that pampers them and give them all the love they have to give.

Update Nov/6/2020 : Chester, a wonderful 10 year old senior 🥰. Cheerful, playful, sociable and very very loving.
We would like him to spend the winter (and all his life) in a warm and comfortable home, together with a family that gives him all the love he deserves.

Chip : 941000024732998
Breed : Pointer-mix
Age : 08/28/2010
Color : White and orange
Socialized :***
Traumatized : No
With female dogs :***
With male dogs : ***
With cats : Not Tested (on request)
With small children : Not Tested
Arrival Date : March/01/2020
Location : Scooby / Medina Paddock-12

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