Bobby( chip 3923) braco Húngaro, male, age 5+ ( Born 6/2015) 2 years + 2 months at Scooby ( since July/2018) ( in need ) ( sponsor-dog🍀)available

Photo June/25/2020 : BOBBY, look what a handsome boy! He is also one of the last dogs that has not yet been adopted from the case of animal abuse of Valdeperdices. He is a very good Hungarian Braco, affectionate and sociable, from the beginning a little reserved until he knows you. Let’s see if this boy finally can find a home …Can you help him, please…

Zeus walking with leash

Zeus practicando a andar con la correa 😍No lo hace nada mal! ¿Que más es necesario para que se le de una oportunidad a este pobre perro?Si con unos ratos de atención evoluciona tan rápido, ¿que no se conseguiría en una casa?ℹ️adopciones@scoobymedina.orgN. Identificación: SA1217981020000348816……………………………………………….Zeus practicing to walk with the leash 😍He does it quite well !What else is needed to give an opportunity to him? Imagine if he has evolved so much in few little while what he could achieve in a house…ℹ️internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.orgIdentification number: SA1217981020000348816

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Video July/17/2020 : BOBBY and ZEUS ( chip 8816 ) and volunteer Elena

Zeus, Elena y Bobby

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Video July/16/2020 : ZEUS( chip 8816) and BOBBY and volunteer ELENA

Bobby, Zeus and Gretel, they need a homeBobby is sweet and calm, he likes people, just need to know you a little Zeus is scared but very interested in people, he really needs a chanceGretel is also very scared, she is very shy, she needs a special family who can give her the chance she also deserves ℹ️

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Video June/24/2020: BOBBY ( brown and white)- ZEUS (chip 8816/ dark brindle ) and GRETEL (chip 9938 /creme) all 3 looking for a Home…




“The shed of Horrors” in Valdeperdices ( Bobby was saved from the death…)

BOBBY is a 5 year old Braco Húngaro, boy ( Born 6/2015) He arrived at Scooby on July/01/2018 ; From Valdeperdices
This poor, innocent Angel was lucky to be rescued by Scooby from a terrible case of dog abuse… rescued from “The shed of Horrors” in Valdeperdices ( saved from the death…)
Despite having suffered continued abuse and never having received any caress or a gesture of affection, Bobby is a very good boy: sweet, lovely, affectionate and sociable, at first a little reserved/insecure until he knows you
Social with the other dogs
After everything Bobby had to go through in his life of knowing only abuse, this sweet Angel is very much deserving and very much in need of a loving Home, which he never had in his whole life…


Update June/25/2020 : Bobby is  a perfect boy !  He interacts very well with females and males, and is very sociable with people. BOBBY is beautiful

Update :  Scooby’s major rescue in 2018 of the 36 dogs saved from deplorable conditions managed by one man in Zamora who was renting the dogs out for boar hunting. They were severely neglected and the conditions were amongst the worse the Scooby team has seen. Scooby mounted a private prosecution and late in 2019 won its court case against the perpetrator. The court handed down: a 13 month suspended sentence, a 4 year ban from keeping animals and awarded €3,000 costs to Scooby. This is quite something – a landmark decision for animals in this part of Spain.


Chip: ZA0718941000024413923
Breed: Braco Húngaro
Age: 06/2015
Color: Brown and white
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: July / 01 / 2018
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 8-E


BOBBY is included in the Sponsor-Program 🍀
The “Scooby-adoption-fee” ( € 150,-) will be paid by the Sponsor-Program, if BOBBY will be adopted
For more info about the Sponsor-program please send an email to Brigitte: ( English, Spanish, German, Dutch )


More Info and adoption                  📧 :
Más información y para adoptar 📧 :


‼️First PRISION SENTENCE in Zamora by ANIMAL ABUSE to 40 dogs‼️

The Criminal Court of Zamora has condemned J.G.M. for a continuing crime of animal abuse and another of animal abuse with result of death at a penalty of 13 months and 15 days in prison and the confiscation of the intervined animals in favor of SCOOBY.
The images that accompany the text correspond to the day of their liberation, in June 2018. As you can see, their life (if it can be called life) was a real hell and if they had not been intervened by the Guardia Civil, the end for all of them it would have been death 😓, since they lacked water and food, were full of parasites and many of them was sick.
Now we have to focus on finding a home to the 36 dogs (many of them of rehala*) who were lucky enough to get out of that shed of horrors alive and that despite having suffered continued abuse and never having received a caress or a gesture of affection, they all are wonderful animals. In a few days we will introduce them  ♥️.
We take this post to publicly thank the lawyer and the prosecutor of this case, Iván Prada Moral and Javier Robleda Fernández, respectively, since they have made their work for free in order to avoid any type of expense by having presented us as an accusation particular.
This news has had a great impact on the media, so we put several links so you can read it completely and get more information about this serious case of animal abuse.

*(REHALA: Set or group of big game dogs, led by the same hunter, and whose number varies in each regional regulation; the most common is between twelve and twenty-five)