Blue (chip 3805) Carea Leonés-mix, male, age 2.5+ ( Born 3/2018) 15 months at Scooby ( since Oct/2019 💙) ( urgent need)available
Video Dec/13/2020 : Blue is so very happy with the attention he gets from volunteer Elena

Blue is a 2.5+ year old Carea Leonés-mix, boy ( Born 3/2018) He arrived at Scooby on Oct/17/2018 ; from Fariza de Sayago (Zamora)
A Very sweet, very good, loving and sociable boy
Good with the other dogs, active and playful
Walks well on the leash
Unhappy in the shelter, he neds to be close to people…
This sweetheart is very much in need to go Home ; he very much needs to be with people and will make a wonderful family member; all he wants for Christmas is a loving family…
( was “on hold” for a long time)

Update Dec/15/2020 : Blue has been waiting for an opportunity for 14 months now ( since Oct/2019 ) and that is taking its toll. He is desperate for someone to listen to him. He gets along well with all dogs, he is very good, playful and loving, he is a mix of carea lions
He walks well on a leash and is a great dog for any family

Chip: DZ1019941000024413805
Breed: Carea Leonés -mix
Age: 03/2018
Color: Merle
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Traumatized: No
Arrival Date: Oct /1 / 2019
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 7-3D


The Carea Leonés (English: Leonese Sheepdog) is a breed of herding dog from León, Castile and León, Spain. It is used as a sheepdog. For centuries, they tended flocks of Churra (sheep) in the mountains of the historical region of León.
Source : Wikipedia


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