Traumatized Angels

Photo of mistreated Galgos in Spain… this is one way how the Galgueros keep their  Galgos,  chained for life,  scared for life… traumatized for life…living in hell

At Scooby, we rescue many dogs that have lived an extremely difficult/hard life. They are not the typical happy, sociable, affectionate or cuddly dogs that all seem to want…
These poor Angels suffer a lot from mild to severe traumas, none of their own fault, but as a result of the unworthy circumstances they where forced to live under and mostly could not escape from.

Traumatized Angel, with broken soul 

Horrified circumstances like …housed in dark wet moldy small cold sheds, mistreatment, abuse, beating up, punished, suffering from wounds, broken legs, parasites, pain, fear, malnutrition, starvation, thirst,  being tied to chains as watchdogs in the burning sun, without fresh water or fresh food for years in the end abandoned to die…
These very unfortunate Angels arrive with a “backpack” and we are trying to give them everything within our power, but in these cases that is not enough, there is not the time for much personal attention therefore these poor Angels should not be living in a busy shelter, but in a loving home.
The most important gift you can give them is a warm home, patience and understanding, trust and lots and lots of love.
Many times it is not so complicated, it only takes the right circumstances to help that one dog, and the life of that one dog will totally change…they just need a chance…
We should have understanding and not have any prejudice about their: age, color, appearance, attitude, “imperfections”, PPP, health, or breed, we should only be aware of these unique and wonderful individuals with real feelings that would fill our homes, our hearts and our lives with love, happiness and unconditional loyalty and forever gratitude
All these poor souls have the right to a forever Home with a loving family who will cherish and pamper them, a home where they could spend the rest of their lives in peace, feeling safe
Please, give these Angels a chance… they  have been denied love and respect since birth; mostly exploited and abused in the world of hunting, racing, breeding, or as a watch-dog,  living under the most disgraceful, humiliating, degrading circumstances.
They need you so very much… please give them that only chance on happiness in their whole life they are so desperately in need of…



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All those who keep buying pets because they believe it’s better if they are of a certain breed, we’d like to invite all of you to come one day to our facilities or to those of any other association you know close by. A single half an hour walk, especially on these hard winter days, would most likely make your heart ache until you can’t take it anymore, you might even feel like crying when looking at those faces freezing in the cold and crying to get out of there. Many would say they couldn’t stand it, that they don’t want to see it, but make no mistake, the fact that you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not real.
Our work is a Band-Aid solution to a problem caused by many, which we should all work together to solve. When you buy pets you encourage the continuity of dog breeding, because as long their pups are in demand breeders will not stop breeding more. They only use their dogs for financial gain, the poor mothers often live a lifetime of horror just to birth that cute puppy that you want to buy, and while you live in your world with your pretty puppy, turning a blind eye to what’s going on, there are many other innocent puppies (who are not the least bit unworthy) doomed to live their life behind bars.  It is in your hands to do your bit for this cause, because each one of those lives MATTERS !!!


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80% of the rescued dogs by Scooby are the result of hunting. Most of them are simply “discarded” by huntsmen and Galgueros (Spanish greyhound breeders) when they are no longer profitable, and are mainly Galgos and Podencos. They “over-breed” these Galgos/Podencos in the hope of getting a “winner” amongst countless litters.  This makes our work never-ending.
It is thanks to national- and international adoptions that we can continue with our work rescuing more dogs . We organise about 20 trips around Europe per year in order to take our dogs to their new adoptive homes. In addition, we are seeing an increase in the number of adoptions from the USA. Scooby rescues around 600 Galgos a year, some handed over by their “owners” but most are found wandering the streets, abandoned. Many of these are hurt or arrive with physical wounds after being hit by cars, and so require medical attention and sometimes surgery, which is all very costly. Not to mention the emotional scars a lot of them are left with. Most can be re-homed after a lot of care and effort, but the most traumatized cases normally stay on with us….



Invisible “FORGOTTEN” Scooby – Dogs

Unfortunately, it is a different story for podencos, mixed-breeds, elderly and sick dogs. They are the “invisible” or “Forgotten dogs”, who can spend years in the shelter and even end up dying here .  For all Forgotten Galgos/ Podencos and all Forgotten ( mix)-dogs see : 

Please, do not forget the many  “Forgotten, scared, sick and elderly Scooby-Dogs” … they need a loving Home too…

More Info and adoption 📧 :   (international  adoptions  / outside Spain )
Más información y para adoptar 📧 :  ( national adoptions  / whithin Spain ) 



Scooby – Mastins 

They impress with their size and their appearance as bears, they are usually calm, noble, intelligent dogs, very defenders of their family and territory, affectionate, also stubborn at times …. it is another of the breeds that suffer the most in our country, left behind to their fate in most cases they appear at villages and fields .
We’ll find it very difficult to find families for them, mainly because of their size …
In the video below you will see some of the big guys who are waiting for a family …
video July/30/2020 :
If you are fallen in love with these wonderful companions, maybe you would want to change the life of one of them…
Please they need you so very much
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It is not easy to rescue a Galgo. It is a task that requires infinite patience and it usually takes a lot of time and perseverance. Sometimes it can even take months. One must keep track of the dog, try to get a food routine going, so it won’t leave the area, run like mad when there’s news of a dog being seen in a place like the middle of a road, crossing a motorway or in any other situation of imminent danger, trying to prevent the worst. There are many who end up run over.
It depends on how scared, wary and hungry they are. We try to draw them close in different ways. Some, a small number, only require a few days or weeks, as was the case with Arturo. We managed to make him get in the car and today this once skinny galgo is a therapy dog in the USA.
For the most difficult cases we have to set up a cage, which usually means waiting for hours or days and food isn’t always enough to lure them in, we often need to try different methods.
There are numerous dogs whose story doesn’t have a happy ending, like Princess for whom we didn’t arrive in time.
What is very easy for some people, and is often done without a moment of thinking, is abandoning a galgo to its fate, knowing full well that it has very little chance of surviving by itself.
For others this results in many sleepless nights, many headaches, a lot of time commitment, a great deal of patience and a lot of suffering. Although the ones who really suffer are them, the galgos.
This is the reality we live in. We, who are dedicated to trying to get to them before they die under the wheels of a car…



How to adopt from Scooby

Apart from financial support, you can help us by adopting one of our many dogs. Generally speaking Galgos are the perfect pets who adjust easily to their new environment, who hardly bark and seldom pull the leash. In most countries these dogs are not allowed to walk without a leash as a result of their strong hunting instinct. However these dogs need enough exercise, especially when they are young. If you consider adopting a Galgo you therefore need to spend enough time walking the dog and giving him or her your attention. Don’t like Galgos? We have every type of dog or cat you can think of.

Before leaving the Scooby shelter all dogs and cats are:

  • spayed/neutered
  • vaccinated for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, adenovirus (hepatitis)
  • blood tested – Mediterranean diseases. Cats are vaccinated, but not blood tested unless specifically requested
  • microchipped

All of this is documented in the European Pet Passport and validated by a licensed veterinarian.

International Adoptions , please send an email to :

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By Richard Skipworth



Adopting in Spain

If you live in Spain, please contact our shelter for more information.
Telephone: (+31) 983481065
Más información y para adoptar  📧 :

Photo Dec/2012 “Founder and President of Scooby, Fermín Pérez Martín, with another rescued Galgo”

Photo June/2018 :  “Fermín with new rescued Galgos from Sevilla; all are looking for a Home”



Every year, Scooby transports hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens to forever homes around the World.
Some are driven in vans to European countries, such as Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia.
Others are brought to the Madrid airport or Barcelona airport to travel to Finland, Canada and the USA.
The Scooby staff goes above and beyond to do these transports at all times of day and night.
Scooby has set up an adoption-program in cooperation with local Scooby offices and rescue organizations in Europe. Throughout the year, Scooby transports dogs and cats to the cooperating organizations, located in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy , Switzerland and Slovenia. We also have volunteers coming from the USA and bring back dogs for adoption through their rescue organizations, located in Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. Each organization has its own set of adoption policies and rules which are followed for each adoption.
For more information about adopting:
Dogs for adoption
Website: adoption 
Phone : +34 983481065

International Adoptions please send an email to :




➡️  ALL adoptions  are processed through email 📧  It is there, ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY where you should go so that they can tell you if the dog / cat in which you are interested is still available, so that they give you all the information you need about him and so that they explain the adoption process.

➡️  For international adoptions 🌍,  send an email to 📧

➡️ All our dogs and cats are delivered with a chip, dewormed, vaccinated and neutered. In order to pay for part of these veterinary expenses, the adopter must pay an adoption fee that will also allow us to continue rescuing and helping other animals. It should be taken into account that if vaccines, sterilization and microchipping were carried out in a particular way, this amount would be significantly higher.

➡️ We do not send our animals by courier, the adopter must go to one of our shelters (Medina del Campo, Zamora or Palencia) to pick it up and sign the adoption contract.

➡️ Puppies will always be castrated by our veterinarians, therefore we cannot give them for adoption to people who live in provinces very far from Valladolid, unless the dog or cat is old enough to be neutered. We do not accept the commitment by the adopter to carry out this intervention on their own, since we have had some bad experience in this regard and we will not allow it to happen again.

➡️ Finally, we ask for a little 🏽 of patience when receiving the response to your emails, since there are more than 400 dogs and cats that usually reside in Scooby (plus all those who arrive daily), and therefore so much is the work that has to be done in the shelter. We would like to be able to reply to emails on the spot, but sometimes work overwhelms us and it may take us several days to do so ⏳, we apologize for this. ===========================



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