! 19 puppies , at Scooby ( since Dec/2020💛) ( in urgent need ) available

Photo Jan/8/2021

Update Jan/9/2021 : Estos son los 5 peque galgos que aún no tienen familia,si quieres adoptar a alguno de ellos pincha en este enlace 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/2JrRpGX
Above Photos from Jan/8/2021 : these 5 little Galgo puppies still don’t have a family yet

Video Jan/2020

And this is how we ended the 2020 year at Scooby 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️, rescuing 25 Galgos from the Municipal Perrera, and of which 19 are puppies from two different litters.
Two of the little ones have deformed front legs 😕, possibly due to poor diet and another of the little ones, Cierzo, has neurological problems 😔.
The puppies, their mums and the rest of the newcomers are adorable and need to find families as soon as possible 🤗.

➡️ If you want to adopt, please send us an email to :

More Info and adoption                  📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org
Más información y para adoptar 📧 : adopciones@scoobymedina.org