Twist 💙( chip 3479) male, age 1.5 ( born 9/2018) 5 months at Scooby/Palencia ( since Dec/2019) available

TWIST,  Lovely, sweet  boy ( Born Sept/1/2018 )


Twist disfruta de los paseos con los voluntarios,como veís no tira de la correa y es muy sociable. Twist enjoys going out on walks with volunteers, as you can see he doesnt pull on his leash and is very friendly.

Posted by Interaccionando con los residentes de Scooby on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Video March/10/2020 : Twist enjoys going out on walks with volunteers, he does not pull on his leash and is very socialble.

TWIST,  pretty brindle boy with his  sweet face

TWIST, softhearted young boy



TWIST is a 1.5 year young Galgo ( Born Sept/01/2018 ) He arrived at Scooby /Palencia on Dec/03/2019
Lovely, sweet  boy; a softhearted, very socialbe boy
Pretty brindle boy with  sweet face
Social with the other dogs
Walks well on the leash, he does not pull ( see video above ) He enjoys going out on walks with volunteers
Twist is very much in need of a loving Home ; at his young age he should not be growing up in a concrete kennel all day …

Chip: 941000024603479
Color: brindle
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
Location: Scooby / Garden (Palencia)

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