! Chisca, mix-breed, female, age 3- ( born 3/2017) 11 months at Scooby ( since March/2019)( urgent need/priority to leave the shelter ) available

Photo May/28/2019 :  CHISCA, quiet girl


Chisca… She is a shy girl. She's also a mix. And an adult dog. For some people, she is even ugly 😓 but for the ones who know her, is a wonderful girl who needs the chance to be happy. Chisca… Es una chica tímida. Además es mestiza. Y adulta. Para algunos, es incluso fea 😓 pero para todos aquellos que la conocemos es una perra maravillosa que solo necesita la oportunidad de ser feliz.

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Video dec/2/2019 :  “Chisca  walking on the leash ”   Chisca is a shy girl, she’s also a mix-breed, and an adult dog, and for some people, she is even ugly, but for the ones who know and love her, she is a wonderful girl who needs the chance to be happy.



Photo July/31/2019 :   MELVA( on the left, chip 8205/ female ) and CHISCA (on the right) arrived together from Villamayor ( Salmanca)  2 scared girls always together, always away…

Photo March/31/2019 :  MELVA( on the left, chip 8205/ female, mix-breed ) and CHISCA (on the right) 2 scared girls protecting eachother, always together…( same age, both born on 3/15/2017)

Photo July/5/2019 : Ana Merino and CHISCA,  scared, little, sweet  girl, desperately in need of a loving Home




CHISCA, when she arrivedat Scooby  on March/2019

CHISCA, when she arrived at Scooby on march/2019


CHISCA is an almost 3 year young mix-breed, girl ( Born 3/9/2017 ) She arrived at Scooby on March/15/2019 ; from Villamayor (Salamanca)
She was rescued by Scooby ( with lots of other dogs ; also with Melva and Alfalfa) from a lord with Noah’s Syndrome in Villamayor (Salamanca) all off them seized with ill-treatment; They were all very shy as they had almost no contact with people in their lifes…
Chisca is a scared girl ( socialized*) with very sad looking eyes ; this unfortunate poor Angel lived a horrible life of mistreat and neglet before…and she is such an innocent, sweet, good, brave girl…  Now she has improved a lot  (see update Nov/22/2019 and photo with Ana Merino on 5/7/2019)
Social and good with the other dogs  ( her best friend is MELVA )
Walks well on the leash ( see video above from Dec/2/2019)
Chisca is in urgent need of a calm, patience experienced, loving Home

Update Nov/22/2019 : Chisca arrived in March/2019 from a case of Noe’s syndrome. The poor girl panicked when she saw people, she crouched waiting to receive a slap with a stick . She’s improved a lot, has also gained weight, but remains one of those dogs that needs a lot of time and attention. Someone who knows how to help her, who is very patient and who would leave her space and time. She responds well when she is given attention but in the shelter the time that could be dedicated to her is very limited. We believe she would make good progress in a home but it will require an experienced family.Yes, maybe we ask a lot, but we believe that Chisca deserves a chance and we will not stop trying.
For more info and adoption  :  supervisorrefugio@scoobymedina.org or Internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org


Chip: 985113001375962
Breed: Mix
Age: 03/09/2017
Color: Brown white
Height: 50 cm
Traumatized: No
With female dogs:***
With male dogs:***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: March /15 /2019
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 3-F