Cindy, doggo Argentino , female, age 3.5 ( born 1/2017 ) 2 years + 2 months at Scooby ( since 6/2018)( in need) (Sponsor-Dog 🍀)available

Photo June/7/2020 : dearest CINDY, living on the Scooby/Perimeter now ( her mother, NOA, has been adopted already )

Photo June/7/2020 : CINDY and her friend RUBIO (chip 3819, Pittbul, male, almost blind ) living on the Scooby-Perimeter now

Sweet Cindy, she only wants a home where to be the queen 👑Dulce Cindy, solo quiere una familia donde ser la reina de la casa 👑

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Video feb/14/2020 :  CINDY, this sweetie only wants a home where she can be the queen; she so very much deserves it…


NOA( chip 3591/ adopted in Spain / 2020 ) and her daughter CINDY ( chip 0127)   in the “Shed of horrors” came out alive

Mother NOA( chip 3591) and  her daughter CINDY ( chip 0127 )  in the “Shed of Horrors”


Photo June/2019 : Scooby rescue of the 36 dogs of the “Shed of Horrors”…
Now we have to focus on finding  homes to all the 36 dogs (many of them of Rehala*) who were lucky enough to get out of that “Shed of Horrors” alive and that despite having suffered continued abuse and never having received a caress or a gesture of affection, they all are wonderful dogs.

CINDY,  is a 3.5 year old Doggo Argentino , girl ( Born 1/15/2017 ) She arrived at Scooby on June/01/2018 ; From From Valdeperdices
A terrible case of dog abuse !!! 36 dogs rescued by Scooby ; CINDY  was rescued together with her mother (NOA/chip 3591 / who is adopted in Spain /2020) they came out alive as two of the 36 dogs from the “Shed of Horrors” (A horrible case of mistreat, neglect, starvationand abuse…)
Despite everything she had to go through in her life of only abuse, CINDY is a sweet, loving and affectionate girl
She is active and energetic, she adores playing with the ball and jumping around us
Very social with male dogs***;  a bit less social with female dogs**


Update : Now her mother “NOA” is adopted ( in Spain ) , poor CINDY had to stay behind  … she is  also very much in need of a forever loving home… please

Update Dec/27/2019 : Why are we presenting CINDY without any hope? Why, if she is also been saved from that terrifying situation in Valdeperdices? Why, if she is as loving as she seems?  The answer to these questions is very simple; because she is a PPP dog (potentially dangerous dog) and that changes everything in life. This is the sad reality, little Cindy. We will have a hard time finding you a home, but it won’t be for lack of trying, I can promise you that!

Update :  Scooby’s major rescue in 2018 of the 36 dogs saved from deplorable conditions managed by one man in Zamora who was renting the dogs out for boar hunting. They were severely neglected and the conditions were amongst the worse the Scooby team has seen. Scooby mounted a private prosecution and late in 2019 won its court case against the perpetrator. The court handed down: a 13 month suspended sentence, a 4 year ban from keeping animals and awarded €3,000 costs to Scooby. This is quite something – a landmark decision for animals in this part of Spain.


Chip: 941000017490127
Breed: Dogo Argentino
Female / castrated
Age: 01/15/2017
Color: White
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: **
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date : June/ 01 / 2018
Location: Scooby / Medina  ( Perimeter )


‼️First PRISION SENTENCE in Zamora by ANIMAL ABUSE to 40 dogs‼️

The Criminal Court of Zamora has condemned J.G.M. for a continuing crime of animal abuse and another of animal abuse with result of death at a penalty of 13 months and 15 days in prison and the confiscation of the intervined animals in favor of SCOOBY.
The images that accompany the text correspond to the day of their liberation, in June 2018. As you can see, their life (if it can be called life) was a real hell and if they had not been intervened by the Guardia Civil, the end for all of them it would have been death 😓, since they lacked water and food, were full of parasites and many of them was sick.
Now we have to focus on finding a home to the 36 dogs (many of them of rehala*) who were lucky enough to get out of that shed of horrors alive and that despite having suffered continued abuse and never having received a caress or a gesture of affection, they all are wonderful animals. In a few days we will introduce them  ♥️.
We take this post to publicly thank the lawyer and the prosecutor of this case, Iván Prada Moral and Javier Robleda Fernández, respectively, since they have made their work for free in order to avoid any type of expense by having presented us as an accusation particular.
This news has had a great impact on the media, so we put several links so you can read it completely and get more information about this serious case of animal abuse.

*(REHALA: Set or group of big game dogs, led by the same hunter, and whose number varies in each regional regulation; the most common is between twelve and twenty-five)


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