Buleria, female, age 5.5 ( Born 8/2014) 2 months at Scooby ( since feb/2020) , available

BULERIA is a 5.5 year old Galga ( Born 8/1/2014) She arrived at Scooby on Feb/01/2020 ; From Murcia
She is an adorable sweetie ;   friendly and affectionate , with bit sad looking eyes
Social with the othe dogs
Buleria is very much in need and very deserving of a loving Home. After  all those years being with a Galguero, probably living Not under the best circumstances , she should be living in a warm comfortoble Home with a soft couch to sleep on and a loving family to cherish and love her the rest of her life, finally…

Chip: 941000018234536
Color: Brindle and white
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
With female dogs:***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock-3