Aida 💙 female, age 3 ( born 2017) 5 months at Scooby/Residencia ( since aug/2019 ) available

Photo Jan/3/2020 :  AIDA ( Black )and SPIDER-2 ( Brindle )

Little girl AIDA


AIDA is a 3 year young Galga ( born 2017) She arrived at Scooby/Residencia on Aug/31/2019
Little girl Aida was found abandoned near Valldolid and brought to Scooby/Residencia
She is super, super sweetie, very affectionate, loves to play
A beautiful black pearl
Loves all other dogs
She is good on the lead and is not scared. Super girl!!
This sweetie is in need of a loving Home


Update Oct/3/2019 from Cobie Steketee : Beautiful Aïda was apparently not good enough to join her ¨loving¨ ex-owner into the new huntingseason so she was found abandoned near Valladolid. Lucky you Aïda! Now you will find for sure a much, much better place to enjoy life!! For adoption.


Chip: 985113002748392
Color: Black
Socialized: ***
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby /Residencia ( Valladolid )