! Spiderman-2 ( chip 4805)💙 male, age 1.5- ( born 8/2018) 5 months at Scooby /Residencia ( since aug/2019) ( urgent need) (🍀 sponsor-galgo) available

Photo Jan/11/2020 : Spiderman in his new coat


Photo Jan/11/2020 : After the girls in his kennel torn up his coat, Spiderman is very happy to show his new coat and decided to throw away the old one immediately!

Photo Jan/11/2020

Photo Jan/3/2020 :  The girls Aida( black galga) and Floretta have torn up Spiderman’s coat

Photo Nov/23/2019 : Spiderman …❤️❤️❤️

Photo 31/10/2019 : Spiderman , being very proud and content with his ¨work¨ this morning.

Spider-2 is an almost 1.5 year young galgo ( Born 8/1/2018 ) He arrived at Scooby / Residencia on Aug/27/2019
He was saved by Scooby from the Perrera Provincial of Valladolid
Spider-2 has a bit of a neurological problem, probably due to distemper in an earlier stage of his young life; but he is doing fine and getting better every day
A super sweet and affectionate boy, who loves to be cuddled
Social and very playfull with all other dogs and not scared
He is just a super boy!
This very, very special boy is in need of a loving Home with a loving family who will cherish and love him forever

Chip: 941000024174805
Color: Brindle & white
Traumatized: No
With female dogs:***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby / Residencia


Update Oct/31/2019 from Coby Steketee from Scooby/Residencia  : Spider – 2 is a very, very special galgo because he has a neurological problem which almost sure is due to distemper which has damaged his brain but he is doing fine and better every day. He reminds me so much of Spider 1 who is, or was, a black Galgo with the same default . Over 10 years ago, Maria José (R.I.P.) was the manager in Scooby and was called to a very dark barn and only after her eyes got used to the dark, she saw in a corner something moving and after inspection she saw it was a galgo, Spider 1 we called him and with the same neurological problem as now Spider 2. So Spider 1 came to Scooby and became the favourite Galgo of many workers and volunteers. He was adopted in the US and we all cried our eyes out when he went…


SPIDER-2 is included in the sponsor-program
The “Scooby-Adoption-Fee” ( € 150,- ) for  SPIDER-2 will be sponsored for 100% ( directly to Scooby)  if  SPIDER-2  will get adopted
For more info about the sponsor-program please send an e-mail to : holthuizen2@kpnplanet.nl (also in Dutch or German)
For more info 📧 : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org