Chispi, mix-breed , male , age 12.5 ( oldest scooby dog)( born 4/2007)1 month at Scooby (Foster-Home since nov/2019) (🍀 sponsor-dog)available

Photo Nov/28/2019 : Today, CHISPIpoor CHispi was very scared but brave and behaved very well while he had a nice warm bath before going to his Foster-Home

Photo Dec/1/2019 : Chispi at his Foster-Home, sleeping warmly on his soft bed infront of the fireplace; his old body thankfull to the warmth of the fireplace

Photo Dec/1/2019 : Chispi at his Foster-Home with his new friend

Photo September /2019  ( by nancy Young Hanson) : CHISPI , I took his picture  because I thought he had such a sad but wonderful face. What a lovely, sweet old guy

Chispi arrived at Scooby from a Noah's Syndrom, along with 20 more dogs. He is an old sweet boy, sociable and affectionate who is having a bad time here… It's really cold and his poor body is suffering. Can you help us finding a warm home? 😍Chispi llegó al refugio procedente de un Síndrome de Noé, por lo que su vida no ha sido muy fácil. Es un abuelito tranquilo y cariñoso que no lo está pasando muy bien aquí, el frío afecta a su cuerpo y a su estado de ánimo… ¿Nos ayudas a encontrarle un hogar calentito? 😍

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Video Nov/20/2019

CHISPI is a 12.5 year old mix-breed, boy ( born 4/10/2007) He arrived at Scooby on Nov/1/2019
Chispy is the oldest Scooby-dog. He is a very poor loving sweetie with very sad eyes. Does not look very well cared for… the poor Angel must have lived a hard/difficult life…
Social with the other dogs( males and females)
At his age this unfortunate Angel should not be in a busy, cold shelter with an uncomfortable place to sleep, but in a loving, warm Home with a soft couch to sleep on and a loving family who will cherish and pamper him the rest of his life

Update Nov/23/2019 from Scooby/medina : ⚠️ Foster-Home or  Urgent adoption⚠️  Chispi is 12.5 years old and  weigh sabout 18 kg… your body is old and tired, but whenever we enter your enclosure you will come to “steal” caresses by wagging your tail. Our heart breaks when we look at your face and tell you that nobody has asked about you yet. It seems you understand us and you make that little face of sorrow 😥
We know that you do not  well in the cold  weather and that you need human warmth and that’s also why you don’t eat so well and are sad. We don’t want to let you down, we don’t want you to leave without knowing what a home is. We know it’s difficult because of your age but if someone only took the chance of knowing you they would see what an amazing dog you are and what a lot of love you have to give. (In a Foster-Home now)

Update Nov/20/2019 : Chispi arrived at Scooby from a Noah’s Syndrom, along with 20 more dogs. He is an old sweet boy, sociable and affectionate who is having a bad time here… It’s really cold and his poor body is suffering. Please, he needs a warm home…


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Chip: 941000002579136
Breed: Mix
Age: 04/10/2007
Color: Tricolor
Arrival Date: Nov/ 01/ 2019
With female dogs:***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested
With small children: Not Tested
Traumatized: No
Location: Scooby / Foster-Home

CHISPI is included in the sponsor-program
The “Scooby-Adoption-Fee” ( € 150,- ) for CHISPI will be sponsored for 100% ( directly to Scooby)  if  CHISPI  gets adopted
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