Zazu, little-mix-breed, female, age 1.5+ ( born 2/2018 ) 11 months at Scooby ( since Jan/2019 ) available

Photo Aug/21/2019 : ( ZAZU and¬† Ana Merino )¬† ZAZU¬† became a lovely girl; could be hold in Ana’s arms and be petted¬† ( still shy but not scared)

Photo June/25/2019¬† ¬†: “Little ZAZU,¬† arrived as an 11 months young¬† scared puppy…,¬† but now she became¬† an affectionate girl¬† ( still shy but not scared) ”

ZAZU ,  now an affectionate  girl

ZAZU, became such a wonderful girl,¬† now asking for some attention…

ZAZU, clever , curious girl , would love to go Home to her own family …

Photo Aug/7/2019 :¬† MACHACA( chip 2141,female, born 9/21/2016) –¬† ¬†LIBIA( adopted) – ZAZU

Photo July/1/2019¬† paddock-8H :¬† ¬† ¬†BORIS (adopted ) – LIBIA (adopted) – RAMONC√ćN (adopted/USA) – LAPIZ ( adopted/USA)
ZAZU and MACHACA ( dark-brindle in the back )  still available

Photo June/2/2019:¬† ¬†punk-look after the “pipet¬† treatment ”

Photo May/15/2019 update from Ana Merino : Little ZAZU, still a bit shy but  sweet girl

Photo May/9/2019 : ZAZU would love¬† to go Home too…

Photo April/21/2019 :  MUMUSH ( adopted) and ZAZU  were close friends  , now ZAZU had to stay behind

Photo April/7/2019 : LAPIZ ( adopted in the USA Oct/2/2019 by the Daphne Legacy Tour ) became best friends ,¬† ZAZU had to stay behind again …. she is still available

Video April/2019

Cute , little , shy ZAZU

Photo March/27/2019 update from Ana Merino : “Little¬† ZAZU, shy girl

ANA Merino and  sweet little Angel ZAZU

Ana Merino and sweet Angel ZAZU

ZAZU, keeps her distance from people

When ZAZU arrived at Scooby on Jan/9/2019, she was a shy girl

ZAZU is a 1.5+ year young little mix-breed, girl (Born 2/2018) She arrived at Scooby on January/9/2019
When¬† ZAZU arrived she was an only 11 months young scared puppy…and kept away from people
But now , she made  big progress, she became a sweet, affectionate girl with the people she knows  ( still shy but not scared )( see photos above )
ZAZU is very much in need of a loving Home with a loving family to cherish and love her ; it has been too long for her in the shelter now ( especially now her best friend Ana Merino unfortunately has left )

Chip: 941000023192405
Breed: little-Mix ( 30 cm )
Age: 2/2018
Heigth: 30 cm
Color: Brindle and white
Socialized: ** ( at arrival)
Traumatized: * ( at arrival)

Arrival Date: Jan / 09 /2019
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Paddock 3-F