! Sunny( chip 4891) mix-breed, female, age 10.5 ( oldest female mix-breed ) ( born 7/2009) 5 months at Scooby ( since Aug/2019) (urgent/ priority to leave the shelter)(🍀 sponsor-dog) available


Photo Jan/2020 : Sunny in her Foster-Home

Photo Jan/2020 : Sunny in her Foster-Home


SUNNY is a 10.5 year old mix-breed, girl ( born 7/2009) She arrived at scooby on Aug/01/2019 ; From Alba de Yeltes (Salamanca)
Very sweet, lovely little senior girl
Positive with leishmania but she is getting treatment and lives a normal life
She lives in a Foster-Home now, but she is in need of her own forever-Home, with a soft couch and a loving family who will cherish and pamper her the rest of her life

Update Jan/20/2020 :  SUNNY is 10.5 years old and she is positive with Leishmania. That, however, does not prevent her from being the most adorable grandmother in the world: she is super nice and good. She only needs a tablet a day to keep her illness under control, and she can live a normal life.
She is lucky to be in a foster home, but you know that foster homes are very precious and are supposed to be temporary and if Sunny finds another family, she could leave her place for another’s, so please don’t stop sharing, for her and for everyone else who hopes to have a chance
For more Information: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

Chip: 941000024284891
Arrival Date: Aug 01, 2019
Breed: Mix
Age: 07/2009
Color: Brown and black
Socialized: Not Tested
Traumatized: Not Tested
With female dogs: Not Tested
With male dogs: Not Tested
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Foster-Home

SUNNY is included in the sponsor-program
The “Scooby-Adoption-Fee” ( € 150,- ) for  SUNNY will be sponsored for 100% ( directly to Scooby)  if  SUNNY gets adopted
For more info about the sponsor-program please send an e-mail to : holthuizen2@kpnplanet.nl (also in Dutch or German)
For more info 📧 : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org