Peter, mix-breed, male, age 4( born 5/2016) 1 year+9 months at Scooby/Zamora ( since Oct/2019) available


PETER is a 4 year old mix-breed, boy ( born 5/2016) He arrived at scooby / Zamora on Oct/31/2018
He came together with his friend (or family) PAM (chip 3179, born 1/2017) they have lived their whole life on the street, together
When poor PETER arrived he was a scared boy ( socialized**, Traumatized** )
But look at him now, he has improved very much, he likes to get petted and loves to run free on the field with his friend PAM (see video above)
His best forever friend is PAM; but he is also good and social with the other dogs
PETER is very much in need of a loving Home ( prefereble together with PAM )


Chip: DZ1018941000023473195
Breed: Mix
Age: 5/2016
Arrival Date: Oct/ 31 / 2018
Color: Black
Socialized: **
Traumatized: **
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby /Zamora


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