Frieda, mastin, female, age 3 ( born 12/2016) 1 year at Scooby ( since Dec/2018) available

Photo July/7/2019: FRIEDA is looking for a cool place; it’s too hot in Scooby

Photo Aug/25/2019 by Ana Merino :   ZAIMON ( on the left) and FRIEDA ( on the right / available )

Photo July/27/2019 by Ana Merino : ZAIMON ( on the left)and FRIEDA (on the right) 2 wonderful Mastins, in need of a Home

Photo May/16/2019 : ZAIMON ( on the left) – FRIEDA (in the middle) – IKAZ ( on the right/ adopted)

Photo April/29/2019 photo and update by Ana Merino : FRIEDA, the most beautiful flower

Photo April/21/2019 :  FRIEDA ( on the left) and her best friend  ZAIMON (chip 8358, Mastin, male, born feb/7/2017, arrived Oct/10/2017,  on the right)

Poor FRIEDA, needs a bigger basket

FRIEDA is a 3 year young Mastin, girl ( born 12/2016) She arrived at Scooby on Dec/28/2018; From Santiago de la Peña (Salamanca)
Friendly with people
Social and good with the other dogs ( males and females); Frieda lives on Scooby-Perimeter-3 with her boyfriend ZAIMON ( (chip 8358, Mastin, male, born feb/7/2017, arrived Oct/10/2017, available) and with her girlfriend IKAZ(Mastin, female /adopted)
Walks good on the leash
Frieda is very much in need of a forever loving Home

Chip: 941000023192402
Arrival Date: Dec/ 28/ 2018
Breed: Mastin
Age: 12/2016
Color: White
Height : 70 cm
Socialized: ***
Traumatized: No
With female dogs: ***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby Medina / Perimeter-3