Adonis, Mastin, male, age 12+ (oldest male Mastin ) ( born 4/2008) 11 months at Scooby ( since Aug/2019) (SOS/urgent/ priority to leave the shelter ) ( Sponsor-Dog 🍀 ) available


Photo Jan/12/2020 : ADONIS now in Scooby’s  grandparents Paddock ; but how much he wishes to be in a loving Home …please

ADONIS is a 12+ year old Mastin, boy ( born 4/15/2008) He arrived at scooby on Aug/01/2019
He arrived together with AMAROK , probably his brother ;  but AMAROK is adopted (in Jan/2020) and ADONIS had to stay behind ….
A sweet, loving and calm boy
Social and good with the other dogs ( males*** and females***)
At his senior age this unfortunate poor boy should not be living in a busy Shelter with an uncomfortable place to sleep; he is very much deserving and in urgent need of a home where he will get all the love that he never had in his life…

Update: Adonis is a senior boy, very calm and affectionate. He really likes playing with his paddoc mates, but his favorite part of the day is when workers and volunteers come to see him. He needs a family willing to give him hundreds of kisses and cuddles

Update Jan/12/2020 : Adonis, after a lifetime of bad living is now living quietly in the Senior- Scooby yard .  It is better than how he lived before, but what if he had a family for the time he would have left? Having someone pampering him and pet him daily. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Who is going to give this sweetheart a life outside the shelter…

Chip: 985113002748831
Breed: Mastin
Age: 04/15/2008
Color: Brown
Traumatized: No
With female dogs:***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested (on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Arrival Date: Aug/ 01 / 2019
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock-11 ( Senior-Paddock)


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