Aileen, mix-breed, female , age 2.5+ ( born 7/2017 ) 21 months at Scooby ( since July/2018 ) ( in need) available

Photo March/2/2020 : They were rescued from a Noah syndrome in 2018 and are still waiting here in Paddock 8-D … Why?

Photo Aug/23/2019 : AILEEN and Ana Merino 

Video August 2019 : MIDAS ( AILEENPUMBATONKA( adopted) ) 

Video May/2019  AILEEN  and  PUMBA (  MIDAS-TONKA ( adopted)


Photo July/24/2019: update from Ana Merino:¬† “Last year/2018 Scooby rescue :¬† 1 year ago ( July/2018 )¬† the first group of dogs¬† (recued from a lord with Noa’s syndrome¬† in¬† Villamayor / Salamanca) arrived at Scooby. They were all born and lived with a man who owned more than 40 dogs. Probably he loved them (in his own way) but did not look properly after them.¬† But Little miracles happen and we are lucky to witness them…¬† PUMBAAILEENTONKA( adopted)– and MIDAS¬† are ready for adoption now

Photo July/17/2019 update from Ana Merino: AILEENMIDAS and PUMBA “No please we hate pipettes, we don’t like pipettes but tichs are here ”

Photo June/11/2019 : AILEEN and MIDAS

Photo June/7/2019 update from Ana Merino : “AILEEN, timid, pretty girl ”

Photo May/3/2019: AILEEN and TONKA( adopted)

Photo April/11/2019: TONKA ( on the left/ adopted) and AILEEN ( on the right) are best friends

Photo Feb/3/2019 update from Ana Merino: “AILEEN, now a happy , affectionate girl ”

Photo Sept/4/2018 update from Ana Merino: “poor AILEEN, always looks sad ”

Photo Oct/7/2018 update from Ana Merino : ” If I have treats she lets me touch her ”








AILEEN¬† arrived at Scooby , as an only 12 month young puppy¬† on July/26/2018¬† ¬†“so very scared , poor, poor Angel …”

POOR , POOR Angel …

Update July/23/2019¬† from Ana Merino :¬† ” AILEEN¬† when she arrived (on July/26/2018) she was¬† a very scared¬† girl .¬† AILEEN 1 year later (on July/23/2019) look at her now , she has¬† become an affectionate, loving¬† girl

Aileen is a 2.5+ year young mix-beed, girl ( Born 7/06/2017 ) She arrived at Scooby on July/26/2018
She came to Scooby when she was an only 12 months young puppy
She was Rescued from a lord with Noah’s Syndrome in Villamayor (Salamanca) she came in the first group of dogs (also together with PumbaTonka( adopted) and Midas ) these¬† dogs are living together in paddock 8-D , always together and best friends
When she arrived she was very, very scared and with very sad eyes (you  could not even come close to her )
But now she became such a sweetie ; but still sad looking eyes
With the strangers she is still timid and insecure (see runs away) but once she knows you ( like with Ana Merino ) she is a very sweet, happy, loving girl
Strong noises will make her run away, firghtened
Great and happy with the other dogs, loves to kiss them; curious and playful
AILEEN is very much in need of a loving , patience, calm Home


Update Dec/21/2019: AILEEN is sad now her best friend TONKA is adopted… AILEEN has to stay behind

Update July/24/2019 from Ana Merino:¬† ” One year ago the first group of dogs from Villamayor ( Salamanca ) arrived at Scooby. Sometimes little miracles happen and we are lucky to witness them.¬† ¬†AILEEN is¬† ready for adoption ( PUMBA-MIDAS-and TONKA too)

Update May/12/2019 from Ana Merino : AILEEN is timid and insecure and she has sad eyes…
If there are strong noises or if she sees strange people coming she will run away, frightened…
But when she is with her friends(she has all her life been with them),in her usual paddock and with a person she knows AILEEN is a happy and sweet girl. She is very curious and playful; she loves her mates and kisses them often.
She does not trust in people completely; it¬īs true. But we could not even come close to her when she arrived and now we can cuddle her.
I¬īm sure that in a calm, patience home where she can feel safe and with another dog who will help her to be confident she will blossom and become the adorable girl we can now glimpse

Chip: 941000023082071
Breed: Mix
Age: 07/06/2017
Color: White and brown
Arrival Date: July/26/2018
With female dogs:***
With male dogs: ***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request)
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby/Medina Paddock 8-D