Panteon💙male, age 3 (born 2017) 6 months at Scooby/Residencia ( since July/10/2019) (in need) available
Video July/2019 ” PANTEON’s rescue ”


Photo Oct/19/2019 : “PANTEON gorgeous boy”

Photo Sept/15/2019 update from Scooby/Residencia : ” A kennel full of beauty…Tuna( black/ reserved) – Blanco( white) – Pinto( white &brindle) – Pantéon ( on the right /dark-brindle )

PANTEON is a 3 year young Galgo ( born 2017) He arrived at Scooby/Residencia on July/10/2019
This very unfortunate, poor boy had to be saved from a 2 m deep grave, on a graveyard, where he had fallen into, after being abandoned…We can only imagine what an anxious time that must have been for Panteon…being so deep in the ground, al alone, in the dark, no daylight, no water, no food, no people around to help you, hurting from the wounds, feeling totally hopeless, not a chance to get out…poor guy; and than there was the Scooby-team to rescue him !
In the beginning he was very stressed but now he is doing much better every day. He lets himself touch and loves being cuddled
He is a very sweet boy and super with all other dogs, good on the leash and very friendly, loves to play and is happy
Very handsome, super boy!
Very deserving of a Home after everything he had to go through

Update July/11/2019 “Pantheon’s rescue ” : The rescue of this Galgo has been a little atypical  since our colleague Nuria had to go down into a grave in a cemetery to rescue him.
The tomb was covered only with tarpaulins(plastic cover) because the tombstone that had to cover it was in repair , so the poor Galgo in this rescue was walking over the tarpaulins and fell into a depth of about two meters
Apart from the shock and having several wounds (some seem old), our boy is apparently in good health, so we hope that soon he begin to enjoy his new life .
( see Scooby/fb/July/11/2019 )

Chip: 985113001157322
Color: Dark-Brindle and white
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby /Residencia ( Valladolid )