Veneno 💙 ( chip 1412) male, age 5- ( Born 8/2015) 15 months at Scooby/Palencia ( since April/2019) ( In need ) available

Photo and update June/16/2020 : Liam ( black/in the back ) – Veneno( brindle )- Dobby( black & white) and – Flash( brindle/ in the front )  say good morning.
These precious Galguitos love to sunbathe and to rest. They are all very loving and sociable. They are looking for a home.

Photo June/2/2020 and update from Scooby/Palencia : Flash (left/front/ adopted )- Epi( right/front )- Dobby ( left/back)- and Veneno (right/back).
They are as good and loving as they are handsome. All 4 are waiting for a loving Home, a long time now…

Photo May/18/2020 and update from Scooby/Palencia: EPI - VENENO - DOBBY
EPI : black (on the left) 2 years old boy, all love, super sociable and super affectionate.
VENENO : brindle (in the middle ) 4.5 years old boy, calm, affectionate and sociable although at first he is somewhat shy until he gains confidence.
DOBBY : black and white (on the right )  2 years old, a little scared of people, but when he gains confidence he is all love.
All three walk very well on the leash and are waiting for their forever family...

Photo April/7/2020 : Veneno ( brindle) and Epi( black) hoping to find a family soon. They both feel sad waiting in their concrete kennel all day long, for such a long time …

Photo Feb/22/2020 :  Today Palencia’s guys went for a walk , also VENENO ,  thanks to the wonderful volunteers

Photo Jan/21/2020 : Adorable VENENO arrived together with his friend  NOE ( who was just adopted ) Now Veneno  feels  sad …



VENENO is an almost 5 year old Galgo ( born Aug/6/2015 ) he arrived at Scooby/Palencia on April/19/2019
He arrived together with NOE (chip 1443/adopted Jan/2020)
Lovely, sweet boy , calm, affectionate and sociable although at first he is somewhat shy/insecure in the beginning until he gains confidence , but than he gets friendly and loves to stick by  you
Very hansome dark-brindle boy
Social with the other dogs
Veneno does not like being in a concrete kennel all day long… he is feeling sad, please, Veneno is very much in need of a loving Home


Update May/19/2020 :  Veneno is a calm, affectionate and sociable boy although at first he is somewhat shy until he gains confidence

Update Jan/20/2020 : Veneno was abandoned by his Galguero, not useful  for hunting, racing or breeding anymore…
He is a bit shy/insecure in the beginning but then gets friendly and loves to stick by you
He arrived together with NOE (chip 1443), who was just adopted ( Jan/2020) now the poor boy is feeling  sad…it has been too long for him now …
He needs a Home…

Chip: 941000019321412
Male / castrated
Color: Brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
With cats: Not Tested ( on request )
With small children: Not Tested
Location: Scooby / Garden (Palencia)


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