!Talento💙male, age 4.5+ ( Born 12/2014) 8 months at Scooby ( since Jan/2019) ( urgent / priority to leave the shelter) available

Photo Aug/29/2019 “TALENTO and Ana Merino, becoming less shy ”

Photo Aug/15/2019 update from Ana Merino: “scared boy TALENTO ”

TALENTO, far away

Photo July/2019 Poor TALENTO, hiding, scared… ”

Photo July/12/2019

Photo July/23/2019 CAPEA ( black/ on hold )  and TALENTO( male, chip 1131) 2 very scared Angels, in very urgent need of a home.
Update from Ana Merino : CAPEA and TALENTO were in different paddocks before; since yesterday(July/22/2019) they are together; maybe, they can become friends

Photo July/5/2019 ” very scared  Angel ”

TALENTO is a 4.5+ year old Galgo ( born 12/06/2014) He arrived at Scooby on Jan/02/2019
He arrived just after the hunting season, not useful anymore…
Sweet, lovely boy; scared Angel ( socialized**) from the look of him he must have lived a hard/difficult life…poor boy
Social with the other dogs
For Talento it would be so much better being in a calm, patient, experienced loving Home , where he could feel safe

Update Aug/2/2019 :  His best friend CAPEA is “On Hold”, soon poor TALENTO has to stay behind…

Update July/30/2019 : We do not know past life of Talento, but we suppose it must have been hard and difficult. He is a fearful galgo , of those who when he sees a person wants to hide ( see photo July/2019) Talento needs a quiet home, where he can feel safe. He needs a family that, with patience and affection, helps him forget his terrible past and shows him how to enjoy life. Talento deserves to be happy.
📧 seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

Chip: 941000019481131
Color: White / light/camel
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 11