Bochan, German shepherd-X , male, age 3 ( born 11/2016) 20 months at Scooby ( since April/2018) ( in need) available

Video BOCHAN, July 2019

Photo July/25/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” BOCHAN (black) and JAKE 😍😍 ”

Photo June/13/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” BOCHAN 14 months in Scooby and still so scared…”

Photo July/3/2019 “BOCHAN (on the left) and PILINO( on the right) ”

Photo Dec/16/2018

Photo June/5/2018  update from Ana Merino: “BOCHAN, shy boy , muy,muy timido…”

BOCHAN, hiding in his safe little dog-house

BOCHAN is a 3 year young German Shepherd-X , boy ( born 11/21/2016) He arrived at Scooby on April/4/2018 ; from Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)
Bochan arrived ( together with  his 2 sisters : MYKA (chip 4529) and VOLOVAN ( chip 4526 ) ( and 1 brother who unfortunately past away)( all very shy)
A timid boy, very scared to all people ( socialized**)( Traumatized*) this poor, innocent sweet lovely boy needs time to trust people
Social and great with the other dogs
Now he is safe, but he is very much in need and very much deserving of a loving, calm, patience forever Home, where he could learn that not all people are bad…and learn what love is

Update July/2019BOCHAN,  a really shy boy. He wiggs his tail when someone enters at his paddock and eats of some volunteers hand, but always keeps his distance. If he’s on his bed it’s posible to pet him (he is not agressive at all) but is the only way to touch him. Great with other dogs, we are sure that in a Home he would improve quickly.

Update July/18/2019 from Ana Merino : “BOCHAN , Sheperd- mix,  2.5 years old and lots of fears…but, at least, he is making progresses. The terrified dog who arrived in April /2018 (with 1 brother and 2 sisters) is now a timid boy who waggles his tail when he sees you. And, although he doesn´t allow us to touch him, he already eats from our hands.  Still scared but docile . BOCHAN lives happily with other dogs. They play, watch and defend their paddock…Probably this life is better than the one he had before. Probably he does not know it can still be better; if he ever find a home…Why not?

Update June/13/2019 from Ana Merino : ” BOCHAN, more than 14 months in Scooby, and still so scared…”

Chip: 941000022804471
Breed: German-Shepherd-mix
Color: Black & Tan
Socialized **
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
With cats: Not tested ( on request)
With small children : Not tested
Location: Paddock 4-E