Atigra💙female, age 1.5+ ( Born 2/2018 ) 10 months at Scooby/Palencia (since Feb/2019) available

ATIGRA is a 1.5+ year young Galga ( Born 2/1/2018 ) She arrived at Scooby/ Palencia on Feb/7/2019
She appeared wandering the roads near Scooby/ Palencia as an only 1 year young puppy
This sweetie is just a bit timid/insecure with strange people, but with the people she knows and trusts she is a really lovely, sweet girl
Very playful, gets along well with all dogs
Very pretty girl , with her dark-brindle coat ( In Galicia, “Atriga” means “brindle ” )
This young girl should not be growing up in a Shelter, but in a warm loving Home with a loving family

Chip: 941000023473270
Color : Dark-Brindle
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby /Garden (Palencia)