! Fisgón, pointer, male, age 3.5( Born 7/2016 ) 2 years at Scooby/Palencia ( since Jan/2018) ( urgent/ priority to leave the shelter) (🍀 sponsor-dog) available

FISGÓN 💔 sweet and good but positve with Leishmaniosis. Is this a reason to condemn him? 

Update Jan/17/2020 : FISGÓN, there are many physical and psychological differences, since ( Jan/2018 ) 
You were a bag of bones and very afraid ... now all that is history.
But the two photos also have something in common ... and in the two photos you don't have a family yet. 😓

Today two years ago, a very evil person left FISGÓN tied with a cable to a lamppost, while hitting him with a stick, 
if some boys there did not prevent it, god knows what he would have done...

Well, two years later, FISGÓN is still waiting for someone beyond being sorry for him to fall in love.

It is a spectacular dog, sociable with everyone, with a vitality incompatible with life in a cage, needless to say, very beautiful and only one family is missing.
He takes 1 tablet of allopurinol a day (€ 3 / month) for Leishmania, since it was given on time and its levels are very low.
Do you dare to adopt / welcome FISGÓN?

You can leave a private message or an email to scooby.protectora.palencia@gmail.com

Photo Jan/2018 This is how they found Fisgón 2 years ago ( Jan/2018)…very afraid, very malnourished and thin…beaten by his owner with a stick, while he was tied to a lamppost…

Photo Jan/14/2020 :  Now 2 years later, he is still waiting … FISGÓN… nobody wants you because you have Leishmaniosis… nobody wants to help you… and you keep suffering only because you were abandoned sick…


FISGON is a 3.5 year young Pointer, boy ( Born July/1/2016 ) He arrived at Scooby/Garden(Palencia) on Jan/03/2018
He is a wonderful sweetie; loves to be with all people ; very loving and happy character
FISGON is positive with leishmaniosis , but it is under control thanks to the medication
This unfortunate boy has been waiting too long in the shelter now… ; He is very much in need of a home too


Update Jan/14/2019 : Fisgon… nobody wants you because you have Leishmaniosis, nobody wants to help you and you keep suffering only because you were abandoned sick…

Update Dec/17/2019 : Fisgon is still invisible, no one wants him and we dont know why. He gets along well with dogs and people, and loves to go on big walks. He is positive with Leishmaniosis but he is being medicated

Update Nov/12/2019  : Fisgon has been in the shelter for almost 2 years now ( since Jan/2017) he was abandoned and beaten by his owners…
He is positive with Leishmaniosis, but it is under control thanks to the medication
It’s about time for him to be chosen and adopted…please


Chip: 981020000348787
Breed: Pointer
Color: brown & grey
Socialized **
Not Traumatized
With female dogs:( on request)
With male dogs: ( on request)
Location: Scooby / Garden (Palencia)


FISGON is included in the sponsor-program
The “Scooby-Adoption-Fee” ( € 150,- ) for FISGON will be sponsored for 100% ( directly to Scooby)  if FISGON gets adopted
For more info about the sponsor-program please send an e-mail to : holthuizen2@kpnplanet.nl (Enlish, Spanish, Dutch, German)
For more info 📧 : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org