! Canela💙( chip 7644) female, age 6 ( oldest Galga)( Born 2014) 10 months at Scooby/Zamora ( since March/2019) available

Video CANELA ( light-camel) and NIEBLA (chip 2773, light-sand color)

CANELA is an almost 6 year old Galga (born 2014) She arrived on March/10/2019 at Scooby/Zamora
Canela is just a sweetie, a gentle, affectionate girl; a bit submissive; a bit insecure
Social with the other dogs
Sweet Canela is very much in need of a calm, loving Home; it has been much too long for her being in the shelter…please give her a chance on a life outside the shelter

Update Dec/2019 :  Canela is  the oldest Galga at this moment; she is already 9 months in the shelter, waiting for her loving family… all her friends are adopted now… She so desperately loves to go Home for Christmas too…

Update Sept/30/2019  :  Canala’s companions are already adopted. Canela is a bit more shy;  she only needs a few days and than she will never wants to separate from you …

Chip: 941000022267644
Color: light- camel
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby /Zamora