! Canela 💙( chip 7644) female, age 6+ ( Born 2014) 13 months at Scooby/Zamora ( since March/2019) available


Video CANELA (light-camel with the collar) a bit insecure /a bit submissive and her friend NIEBLA (chip 2773, light-sand color/ adopted)


CANELA is an almost 6+ year old Galga (born 2014) She arrived on March/10/2019 at Scooby/Zamora
Canela is a very sweet and affectionate girl; she is very quiet, gentle and calm a bit submissive / a bit insecure but she loves to follow the volunteers in the Paddock asking for cuddles, without jumping or disturbing
Not traumatized
Social with the other dogs, loves to play with them
Cat test: When meeting free running cats she did not show any reaction, did not even look at them.
Sweet Canela is very much in need of a loving Home; it has been much too long for her being in the shelter…please give her a chance on a life outside the shelter

Update March/2020 : Why is Canela still waiting in the shelter for 1 year now, waiting for her loving family…, all her friends are adopted by now… She so desperately loves to go Home too… She is not traumatized, she is healthy, affectionate, loves cuddles, could live with cats, good with the other dogs… just a wonderful girl; she needs a Home

Chip: 941000022267644
Color: light- camel
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
With Cats : ***in the cattest she showed no interest in the cats
Location: Scooby /Zamora