Malina, female, age 1.5+ ( Born 6/2017) 4 months at Scooby ( since Nov/2018 ) available

MALINA, adorable sweetie ;  very gentle, very loving girl with all people ; social and good with the other dogs

MALINA is a 1.5+ year young Galga ( born 6/2017) She arrived at Scooby on Nov/20/2018
She arrived in a poor state : malnourished, too skinny and a very dirty coat; the poor girl most certainly not lived under the best circumstances…
And Malina is such an adorable sweetie with such lovely eyes, so very gentle and loving girl with all people; so happy for some cuddling  and attention
Social and good with the other dogs

Chip: 941000023473160
Color: Black
Height: 70 cm
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 7-1H