❤️Libia, female, age 1.5 ( Born 1/2018) 8 months at Scooby ( since Dec/2018) (“Forgotten Galga black Beauty”)( in need)available

LIBIA, precious sweetie; very loving  with all people; pretty girl ; lived a difficult life ( scars ) social and good with all other dogs ; “Forgotten  Black Beauty” ; in need of a loving Home

Update Aug/6/2019 from Ana Merino : ” LIBIA , I remember when she arrived last December.She was shy and kept a distance with you.But it didn´t take her long to trust in us.Now LIBIA is an affectionate girl who enjoys being with people.She is discreet and often waits for you to approach her but once in a while she surprises us with a big hug.
LIBIA lives with other galgos and mix dogs;with males and females;with small dogs…She is very sociable and playful with them.
She is small (about 20 kilos)  and very young (not even 2 years old) .I think she is not unhappy here but she deserves to know what a home means and grow being loved…every day!

Update July/11/201 :  All her best friends ( LAPIZ, BORIS and RAMONCÍN ) are on hold ;  LIBIA has to stay behind very soon… the poor girl is in need of a Home

Video August/6/2019

Photo July/21/2019 ” LIBIA, such a precious girl ”

Photo May/26/2019 update from Ana Merino : “LIBIA was a shy girl…but look at her now! LAPIZ (in the back/ on hold )

Photo Aug/7/2019 “MACHACALIBIA( in the middle) – ZAZU( on the right)  all 3 waiting for a forever home

Photo July/11/2019     “Best friends :  LIBIA ( black/available ) and LAPIZ ( camel / on hold) poor LIBIA has to stay behind soon …

LIBIA and LAPIZ ( on hold)



Photo July/1/2019 update from Ana Merino: “Good morning and good Monday! paddock 8-H (Boris( on hold) –LibiaRamoncín( on hold )-Zazu Lapiz( on hold) and Machaca) waiting and hoping for many volunteers to come this summer!

Photo April/11/2019 ” Wonderful girl ”

Photo May/7/2019 “LIBIA and BORIS (on the right)”

Photo April/25/2019 LIBIA( on the left) – BORIS(in the middle)- LAPIZ (on the right)

Photo April/7/2019 LIBIA and MUMUSH (on the right/ adopted may/25/2019)

Photo Feb/21/2019 update from Ana merino : ” Pretty Galguita LIBIA ”

LIBIA is a 1.5 year young Galga ( Born 1/2018 ) She arrived at Scooby on Dec/19/2018
At first, when she arrived LIBIA was a shy girl, she must have lived a difficult life (scars) but look at her now! ( see photo May/26/2019) Now she is a very sweet, very loving girl; affectionate with all people.
Very pretty girl with her wonderful colored Black & white coat
Social and good with all other dogs.
This girl is too young to grow up in a shelter; she is in need of a loving Home

Chip: 941000023473211
Color: Black & white
Height: 60 cm ( on arrival date)
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 8-H