lagartija💙( chip 4739) female, age 3+ ( born 10/2016) 11 months at scooby ( since feb/2019) ( urgent need) available

Photo Aug/17/2019: ” LAGARTIJA feels safer on the roof ”

Photo Aug/7/2019

Photo July/7/2019 “Sweet girl, LAGARTIJA ”

Photo May/11/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” Lagartija, scared of people”

Photo June/29/2019 :  ” 2 shy girls  always close together (both rescued from Cadiz/ both born in 10/2016 / maybe sisters ) GITANA DE PULIDO (light-brindle ) and LAGARTIJA ( 4739) ”

LAGARTIJA is a 3+ year young Galga ( born 10/08/2016) She arrived at Scooby on Feb/23/2019; From Cadiz
Lagartija was rescued by Scooby in Cadiz with another 47 dogs ( and together with  Gitana de Pulido ( chip 0343)( they are always together /maybe sisters /both born on 10/2016 )
She is a shy Angel ; sweet innocent girl; scared of people ; probably lived a hard/difficul life before ; the busy Shelter is too stessful on Lagartija ; poor girl…
A very elegant, pretty dark-brindle girl
In urgent need of a calm, patience, loving Home, where she can feel safe and loved

Chip: 941000021584739
Color: Brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 2