Grace ( chip 7444) female, age 2+ ( Born 11/2016) 4 months at Scooby ( Since Nov/2018 ) available

GRACE, a bit shy/insecure girl; sweet good girl; social, good with the other dogs; in need of a Home

Photo Jan/16/2019 ” GRACE feels safer in her doghouse ”

Grace is a 2 year young Galga (born 11/09/2016) She arrived at Scooby on Nov/12/2018; From Bobadilla del Campo (Valladolid)
Grace is a bit shy/insecure ; the remains of her former life… She was brought in and left at Scooby by the Galguero ; Not useful for hunting, racing or breeding anymore…
Grace is a sweet, good girl ; She is social and good with the other dogs
Pretty girl with wonderful color grey/brindle coat
For Grace it would be much better being in a loving Home, where she can feel safe

Chip: 941000021587444
Color: Grey/Brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 8-H