Floro, male age 3- ( Born 5/2016) 2 months at Scooby ( since feb/1/2019) available

FLORO, sweet good boy; quite shy at first ; social with the other dogs; Jumps

Photo April/11/2019 “ICARO (chip 9746, on the left) and FLORO ( on the right) are Not happy in the escape-kennel; they would love to go Home …

FLORO is an almost 3 year old Galgo ( Born 5/17/2016) he arrived on Feb/01/2019 ; From Palacios de Goda (Avila)
Floro is quite shy at first, sure with a little time, patience and attention he will be a calm boy.
Social with the other dogs
Floro is not happy in his escape-kennel ; for him it would be so much better to live in a loving Home

Chip: 981020000106988
Color: Brindle and white
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 7-3C