Bird, male, age 4+ ( Born 3/2015) 3 months at Scooby ( since march /2019) available

BIRD, a happy boy; bit insecure ; little boy(55 cm) ; social with the other dogs; in need of a loving Home

Photo May/17/2019 ” BIRD, is helping with the cleaning-up ; he is such a good boy ”

Photo April/17/2019 update Ana Merino : ” A very happy BIRD ”

Photo May/28/2019 ” MAIOR (on the left, chip 5554, male, born 3/2017) and BIRD ( on the right ) are 2 very good friends ”

Photo April-5-2019 PIP(on the left) – BIRD- RUBINO( in the middle)- YING- BANDIDO(on the right/adopted in the USA may/2019)

BIRD is a 4+ year old Galgo ( Born 3/2015) he arrived at Scooby on March/4/2019
Bird is a happy little boy ; a bit insecure ; Bird is a sweet good boy; all he needs a loving Home where he could feel loved
He is social and good with the other dogs
He is a small seize Galgo

Chip: 985113001157558
Color: light-Brindle
Height: 55 cm ( small seize Galgo )
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Paddock 8-G