❤️Atum, male, age 1.5 (Born 1/2018) 11 months at Scooby ( since Sept/2018)( “forgotten Galgo Black beauty”) available

ATUM, sweet lovely boy ; arrived hen he was only a 4 months young puppy ; “forgotten Black beauty” ;( arrived together with Galgo “GINO” chip 3284/adopted Aug/2019) too young to grow up in a shelter; very much in need of a loving Home with a loving family

Update Aug/2019 : ATUM arrived as an only 4 months young sick puppy in Sept/2018, the sweetheart did not gave up and survived and is totally recoverd; now , almost 1 year later he is still waiting for someone to love him too and take him Home…It has been too long for him in the shelter, he needs a Home

Photo July/7/2019 “ATUM, adorable, sweet boy ( 1 out of 2 “Most Forgotten Galgo Black Beauties )”

Photo July/01/2019 “Atum made a hole to protect himself ( with his black coat) from the high temperatures in Scooby ”

Photo June/16/2019 ” age 18 months and (9 months in Scooby , half his life) ”

Photo May/15/2019 “ATUM, a very handsome Galgo Black Beauty ”

ATUM (chip 3286) is a 1.5 year young Galgo ( Born 1/1/2018) He arrived at Scooby on Sept/29/2018
ATUM was picked up in Palencia together with Galgo GINO(chip 3284/adopted Aug/2019)
When ATUM arrived he was sick for a while , but now he has fully recovered and enjoys the playground with more dogs to play with
Precious, sweet, lovely boy ; a Forgotten Galgo Black Beauty, very handsome boy with his wonderful eyes
Social and good with the other dogs
This wonderful boy is too young to grow up in a Shelter; it would be so much better for ATUM being in a loving Home with a loving family

Chip: 941000023473286
Color: Black
Location: Scooby /Palencia (Garden )
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***